Dance Team Tryout Information

To become a member of the University of Kentucky Dance Team, the first step is to send in a tryout video. This can be in the form of DVD. The due date for this tape is April 3, 2015

Video Information

A $55 registration fee is due WITH the submission of your tape. We accept check or money orders made out to UK Dance Team. Written ON your DVD (not a separate piece of paper), please include your full name, address, home and cell numbers, and email address. Please include a resume on a separate sheet of paper as well as a photo of yourself. Please be sure to double check your video to play in a dvd player and not just a computer. (In the past we have had several not play) You do not need to be 18 years of age to tryout, you only have to be accepted by the University of Kentucky and attending in the fall (2015) as a full-time student.

If you are sending in a video, make sure you like our Facebook page, go to the EVENTS tab and click that you are attending the VIDEO TAPE event.  Also make sure you are familiar with our style and have watched our dance videos.

Requirements for the video are:

30 seconds of your strongest style of dance (Hip Hop, Pom or Jazz)
Double,Triple or Quad turn
Toe touch
A Hip Hop Trick of choice
Tumbling (optional)

The technical elements above should be shown after your dance.

Please wear black booty shorts and black bra top in your video.

Submit your video to:

UK Dance Team 
Attn: Dawn D. Walters
Joe Craft Center
338 Lexington Ave.
Lexington, KY. 40506-0604

You will be contacted via email by April 13 if you have or have not been chosen to attend the in-person tryout. At this time, you will be told the time and place of tryouts which will be held in Lexington on May 1-3.

Tryout Information:

The following will be taught and scored at this in-person tryout:

Dance : Hip hop routine
Hip Hop--Street style movements with emphasis on control and body isolations
Fight Song- Sharpness, motion placement, precision, control, projection, and execution
Technical Skills- Doubles/Triple/Quad turns, fouettes, toe touch, toe touch splits, dbl headspring, headspring to standing position, bronco(rubber band)
Enthusiasm Smile, projection, and eye contact
Appearance Physical attractiveness, poise, posture, and physically fit
Interview Personality, ability to communicate, and attitude

Both teams, Blue and White, practice at least three days a week. They dance at all home football games and several other athletic events such as soccer and volleyball games. They are also involved in community service events throughout the year. (Blue) performs at home Men's Basketball games and (White) performs at home Women's Basketball games. The University of Kentucky Dance Team attends dance camp in the summer and UDA College Nationals in January. (We are currently 5th in the Nation in Hip Hop)