Football Ticket Information

2014 Kentucky Football Tickets - Frequently Asked Questions

Season Renewals

When can I renew my season tickets?
Ticket renewals will be available online in early February, by visiting My UK Account.  Paper invoices were mailed at the end of February.  The renewal deadline is Wednesday, April 16, 2014.

How do I request an upgrade for 2014?
Once renewals are available, you can submit your request online as part of your ticket invoice, or add your request to your paper invoice before returning it to our office.  You may also call the ticket office to check seating availability during the renewal period.

When/How will I know if my seats got upgraded?
If we have tickets that meet your request, we will go ahead and move your seats. Please be specific in your request so that we fully understand what you are looking for. Once requests are fulfilled, your new seat locations will be visible in My UK Account. You may also call us in late May/June to check on the status of your request.

What if my seats get upgraded into a higher K Fund donation area?
If we're able to upgrade your seats into a higher K Fund area, we will charge your credit/debit card for any additional K Fund amount. If you paid your ticket renewal by cash/check, we'll contact you for any additional K Fund amount owed.  Note: If you enroll in a payment plan and an upgrade results in additional charges, the additional charges will be rolled into your existing payment plan.  This may result in a charge at the time of upgrade and/or your subsequent payments being different than your original payments.

How do I add more season tickets to my account?
Once renewals are available, you'll also be able to request additional season tickets. These requests will be handled in the same manner as upgrade requests. Please give us a call once renewals are posted and we'll be happy to see what seats are available. Requests in other areas may be fulfilled after the renewal period is complete.

Are payment plan options available?
Fans renewing online will have the option to pay in full or enroll in a payment plan via credit/debit card.  Payments can be split into two or three installments, based on the plan you choose.  Your initial payment is due upon sign-up, and the remaining installments will be automatically charged to your card.  To sign up for a payment plan, you must renew your tickets online through My UK Account.  Enrolling in a payment plan offers additional flexibility and convenience at no extra cost.  Renew online to take advantage of this special offer!

New Season Tickets - Choose your own seats today!

How do I sign up for new season tickets?
Use our interactive seat map to choose your own seats today!  You may also call us at (800) 928-2287.  Having season tickets in 2014 puts yourself in the best position for season tickets in the New CWS in 2015, as you'll get to participate in the reseating process before 2015 tickets go on sale to the public!  Call us today - great season tickets are still available in a variety of seating areas!

How much are season tickets?
Sideline seats are $277 each, and endzone seats are $242 each. Certain areas of the stadium require a per-seat donation to the K Fund, ranging from $100 to $525 per seat. Donations are 80% tax deductible, and they are due when you choose your actual seating locations, if applicable.  Season tickets offer a significant savings over the cost of buying single game tickets.  Single game ticket prices for 2014 will be $50 for SEC games and $45 for non-conference games.

Are parking passes available?
Football parking is sold out, and we currently have a waiting list for season parking passes. To check your status on the list, please contact the K Fund Office at (859) 257-6300. 

I'm a UK employee. Are there any discounts available?
Regular full-time employees at the University of Kentucky are eligible for a 20% discount on season tickets and a 50% discount on the associated K Fund donation if you select seats in the K Fund seating areas. Employee discounts can apply to a maximum of two season tickets. Please call us directly at (859) 257-1818 to verify eligibility and to request tickets with this discount. Your employment status will also be verified in the summer before tickets are mailed. Additional monies may be due if you no longer qualify due to a change in your employment status.

I'm a UK student. When can I order student season tickets?
Student season tickets are on sale now.  Please check the student ticket information website for complete details, and to purchase your student tickets.  Season tickets are just $35 for students!

Single Game Tickets & Other Information

When/How can I order tickets for UK's away games?
Away game tickets will go on sale online through My UK Account to the general public on Wednesday, July 9th at 9:00 am.  All away game tickets will be assigned in priority order and mailed out separately from season tickets.  As of August 28th, Florida and LSU tickets have been mailed.  Tickets for the Missouri, Tennessee, and Louisville games will be assigned and mailed as soon as possible in September.

When/How can I buy single game tickets for home games?
Single game tickets will go on sale Wednesday, July 9th at 9:00 am through Ticketmaster.  Fans can select their own seats using our interactive seating map!  Prices for single game tickets in 2014 will be $50 for SEC games and $45 for non-conference games.

Are there discounts available for group seating?
Special group seating is available for all home games this fall!  Groups of 20+ should call us at (800) 928-2287 to reserve your block of seats!  Groups can save up to $15 off the cost of single game tickets.  Group tickets are also available in general admission seating areas at a discounted rate.

How do I change my address?
We must have address changes in writing. You can fill out the change of address form and either fax or mail it to our office. If you have recently moved and have not yet updated your address, please do so as soon as possible.  Please also ensure that you have a forwarding order on file with the US Postal Service.

Does my infant/toddler need a ticket for a football game?
Yes, all individuals, regardless of age, must have a ticket to enter Commonwealth Stadium.

How do I reprint or transfer my tickets to a friend, if I can't attend a game?
Check out our new online printing & transfer guide for season ticket holders.  You can reprint your own tickets, or transfer tickets to a friend.  Both options are now a FREE benefit for season ticket holders.  Note: This guide does not apply to student tickets or tickets purchased via