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Student Ticket Information - Men's Basketball

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Who is eligible for a Student Ticket?

Anyone who is a full time student (12 hours undergraduate or 9 hours graduate) and has a valid University of Kentucky Student ID card.  Your athletics fee must also be paid with your tuition each semester.  BCTC students MUST register and pay the athletics fee online in order to be eligible to purchase student tickets. BCTC students should click here to pay the athletics fee.

Admission to Games

Basketball: Present your valid UK Student ID card and game ticket at the Patterson Street entrance of Rupp Arena. Gates open 1.5 hours prior to tipoff.

Big Blue Madness - Student Ticket Lottery

The student Big Blue Madness lottery will occur Monday, September 15 at Memorial Coliseum.
Doors will open at 7:00 pm and the lottery will begin at 7:30 pm. There is no online registration required. Approximately 1000 tickets will be available and students selected in the lottery will receive two tickets to Big Blue Madness. Tickets are free of charge and those students who are unable to attend the lottery may still participate in the regular Big Blue Madness distribution on Saturday morning, September 20 at 7:00 am. 

Eligible students: full-time UK students (12+ hours for undergraduates, 9+ hours for graduate students) with a new Wildcard ID or full-time BCTC students. Fall semester athletics fee must be paid.

Note: Ticket Information & pricing for the 2014-2015 Men's Basketball Season will be posted later in September.

2013-2014 Basketball Lottery Process -
New Calendar & Complete Instructions



Student basketball tickets will be sold via three distributions (first-come, first-serve), and three lotteries. 

Full details regarding distributions and lotteries, along with a complete calendar of important dates, are posted above.  It is essential that you visit this link and read the complete instructions to ensure that you understand the process.  Students should print the instructions and calendar for reference throughout the year.

Brief Summary of Lottery Process:

  • An "Online Group Registration Window" will occur beginning a week before each lottery.
  • You will have the ability to register online as a group.
  • Students should log-in to their student ticket account and set up a group to enter the online lottery.  Once the leader has created a group, they can share their group information with other students, who can then join that group.  For basketball lotteries, groups are limited to four students.  Individuals should create a 1-person group.
  • After the online group registration deadline, the UK Ticket Office will conduct a random draw to select the winning students.  Each group entry will have an equal chance of begin selected.
  • The winning students will be notified via email from the UK Ticket Office.
  • ONLY these winning students will be eligible to attend the Monday night lottery at Memorial Coliseum.
  • The actual lotteries will remain on Monday evenings at 9:00 pm at Memorial Coliseum.  Doors will open at 8:00 pm.
  • On lottery nights, winning students should enter the Coliseum via the front doors on Euclid Avenue to receive their lottery number.
  • Lottery numbers will be distributed in groups of 100.
  • When your lottery number is called, each group will be directed to the ticket office to purchase tickets.
  • Note: You must be a full-time student to participate in this process.  Your student status will be verified before you can sign up during the Online Registration Period, as well as when you purchase tickets at the lottery.  Full details regarding eligibility are listed in the complete instructions.

As in the past, any student tickets that are unclaimed from a Monday night lottery will go on sale Tuesday at 9:00 am at the Joe Craft Center ticket office.  Students who were not selected to attend the lottery may purchase any unclaimed tickets at this time, if available.  Any tickets that are still unclaimed after Monday and Tuesday will be sold as Guest tickets on Wednesday at 9:00 am, based on availability.

For the three distributions, there will be NO LOTTERY, and thus no online sign-up period.  During distributions, tickets are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis at the Joe Craft Center Ticket Office, to all eligible students.

As long as tickets remain, students may purchase tickets after lotteries/distributions until they are sold out.  Student tickets ($5 price) are not available to purchase at Rupp Arena on gamedays, so students should be sure to purchase their tickets from the UK Ticket Office in advance.

Remember to read the COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS to ensure you understand the procedures, and print off your ticket calendar.

For questions, please contact the UK Ticket Office by phone at (800) 928-2287 or (859) 257-1818 or by email at

Men's Basketball Postseason - Student Ticket Distributions

Postseason ticket distributions/lotteries are for full-time UK students only, and qualifying BCTC students who have paid the spring semester athletics fee.  Due to the limited availability of tickets, spouse/family cards will not be accepted. 

Men's Basketball NCAA Tournament Information

NCAA Regionals (March 28 & 30) - Indianapolis

Final Four (April 5-7) - Dallas, TX

Please Call 257-1818

Please call 257-1378