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Football Permits

Football Season Parking Permit Locations


The K Fund is excited to offer the opportunity to purchase a Reserved Parking Space adjacent to the stadium.  The Reserved Parking area is designated as VIP in the new parking permit map.  The reserved lot includes easy access, a guaranteed spot no matter what time of arrival and an opportunity to increase your K Fund priority ranking.  For an annual $2,500 tax deductible gift you can purchase a Reserved Season Parking Permit in either the Red or Blue Lots.  The $2,500 gift is above and beyond any current K Fund giving, and the cost of the permit is $275.  If you are interested, or have any questions, please contact the K Fund at (859) 257-8018.

Acquiring a Season Parking Pass

Game-day parking for all lots surrounding Commonwealth Stadium is reserved for season pass holders. Season passes are renewable along with season tickets each year. Season passes continue to be sold out each year; therefore, all new, additional, and upgrade requests are placed on a wait list in order of priority rank. After the renewal deadline, season parking passes which are not renewed are then allocated to those on the wait list via the priority point system. This system applies to ALL football parking permits, including Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, PS1, Red Accessible, Blue Accessible, and Reserved RV.

For the 2012 football season all parking permits were officially SOLD OUT for the 2012 season. If you would like to be added to the 2013 football season parking permit wait list please email, or call (859) 257-6300.  To be eligible to purchase a parking pass, or to be eligible for the wait list, you must currently have season football tickets in your name or have placed a deposit down for 2013 football season tickets. 

Please keep in mind that the opportunity/cut-off rank will change each year based on account activities for those on the wait list and the number of parking passes returned during the renewal period. For a snapshot of current priority ranks and their equivalent point totals, see the chart below.

K Fund Priority Rank Estimates - as of December, 2012*

Priority Rank Total Points
100 6,394
500 1,805
1,000 957
2,000 512
3,000 344
4,000 255
5,000 204
6,000 158
7,000 129
8,000 108
9,000 92
10,000 78

For example, if you currently have 115 points, your priority point rank is approximately 8,000. Priority ranks range from 1 (highest number of points) to approximately 35,000 (lowest number of points).

*Priority ranks are updated daily. Even though your point total may not change every day, your priority rank fluctuates based on the point activities of all accounts. The K Fund operates on a fiscal year of July 1-June 30.

For more information on season parking passes, to be placed on the parking pass wait list, or to verify your priority rank and point totals, please contact the K Fund Office at (859) 257-6300 or via email at

Parking Rules and Regulations

  • Lots are reserved up to one hour before kickoff.  During the one-hour period to kickoff, lots will be filled according to availability.  If your designated lot is full upon arrival, you will be directed to the next available lot.
  • Display your hangtag at ALL times.
  • Detach your parking ticket stub at the bottom of the hangtag and present to the parking attendants as you enter the lot.  Everyone must present a ticket to enter.
  • Lots are reserved, spaces are not.  One Pass, One Vehicle, One Space.
  • Spaces are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • No open alcoholic containers are permitted at Commonwealth Stadium.
  • UK is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Any scalping above face value, duplication, or misuse of a permit may result in loss of parking privileges.
  • If you bring a trailer into one of the paved lots you must have a permit for the entire area you take up.  For example, if you have an SUV with a trailer in the Blue Lot you must have 2 permits or you will not be admitted into the lot.
  • RVs, or any other vehicle larger than a standard size parking space, must have an RV pass to park in the RV Lot.  RVs, or any other vehicle larger than a standard size parking space are not permitted to park in non-RV lots.
  • If you have a disabled permit, you must have proof on file with UK Athletics, a state issued disabled parking placard issued in your name.


Main RV Lot

The Main RV lot is located on the south side of Commonwealth Stadium across Alumni Dr.  The Main RV lot utilizes reserved numbered spaces, and your permit number will correspond directly with the reserved stall in the Main RV lot.  Entry into the RV lot will begin at 7:00am on Friday mornings prior to game day.  RV's will not be permitted to pre-stage on campus grounds/streets/parking lots prior to 7:00am on Friday mornings.  Thursday night parking in the Soccer/Softball lots will not be permitted.  Reserved Main RV permits are SOLD OUT for the 2012 season.


The AG RV lot, located off Cooper Dr. near the corner of University Dr., is non-reserved season permitted RV lot.  AG RV permits my enter the lot after 6:00pm on Fridays and park on a first-come-first-served basis in the designated spaces of the lot.  AG RV's will not be permitted to pre-stage on campus grounds/streets/parking lots prior to 6:00pm on Fridays, due to UK Employees utilizing those lots for weekday parking.  Be advised, the AG RV lot is used primarily by UK Hospital employees, with varying hours/shifts.  Typically the lot is cleared by 8:00pm on Friday evenings and all spaces are available.  Between 6:00pm and 8:00pm on Friday nights, RV's may park in painted RV spaces as they become available.  AG RV permits are SOLD OUT for the 2012 season.

If you would like to be placed on the RV Permit wait list, please email

Non-Reserved RV Regulations

RV's without permits may park in the non-reserved (limited availability) lot located on Virginia Avenue between South Limestone and Press Avenue.  Virginia Ave. RV Lot is the primary Non-Reserved RV lot.  Accommodates approximately 30 RV's and is first-come-first-served.  Lot opens at 6:00pm Friday evenings prior to game day.  Please do not park in any University lots designated for RV's until 6:00pm on Friday evening prior to game day.  This lot is free of charge and there are no RV hookups for this lot, and there is a campus shuttle that picks up on Nicholasville Rd., in front of the Kentucky Clinic.  Guests parking in the Virginia Ave. RV Lot may walk east on Virginia Ave. to access the UK Football Express - Campus Shuttle.

Guidelines for Disabled Parking Permits

Reserved Disabled Parking Permits

To purchase/renew a disabled parking pass for the Football Season one must provide a copy of your state issued disabled parking placard and/or copy of your registration receipt for disabled parking issued by your county clerk's office or transportation cabinet.  Reserved Disabled Parking Permits are limited, therefore, a wait list is utilized via the priority point system and availability.  To be placed on the wait list for Reserved Disabled Parking Permits please email   If you no longer require disabled parking for home football games, or do not have the proper documentation to provide, please notify the K Fund and we will assign parking to you in a non-disabled lot.  Please contact the K Fund at (859) 257-6300 if you have any questions or concerns.

Non-Reserved Disabled Parking

Non-reserved disabled lot is located at the corner of University Drive and Farm Road. Capacity for 120 vehicles ($30/vehicle), first-come-first-served until lot is full.  Once the Non-Reserved Disabled lot is full, guests will be directed to park in parking structures 2 or 6.  A shuttle is provided and begins two hours before kickoff.  Pick up is located in the Non-Reserved Disabled lot with the drop off point at Gate 9.  Return shuttles begin at the end of the 3rd quarter and continue until 30 minutes after the end of the game.  A disabled guest golf cart shuttle is available from Gate 9 to any other gate outside of Commonwealth Stadium.

For Complete information on gameday parking, including parking options for those without permits:

Please visit UK Football Gameday Central. UK Athletics Department offers first-come, first-serve single game parking, including non-reserved lots for RVs and those needing accessible parking. We encourage fans to take advantage of the free parking opportunities throughout the campus on football gamedays.


Men's Basketball Permits

To be eligible for a Rupp Arena season parking pass, you must be at the All-American member level or above within the K Fund. Please refer to "Levels of Giving" for more information regarding K Fund member levels.

For more information on men's basketball gameday parking if you do not qualify for parking at the "All-American" K Fund level, please visit

Important Ticket Office Policies

Parking Permits are classified as a "ticket" and are part of the sporting event, therefore, parking permits are subject to UK Athletics Scalping Policy.

Scalping: Act 518, 070-Ticket scalping. A person is guilty of ticket scalping when he/she intentionally sells or offers to sell a ticket to an event at a price greater than that charged at the place of admission or printed on the ticket, unless authorized by the issuer or by law. Ticket scalping is a violation, and any person who sells a ticket to any sporting event at a price in excess of the price appearing on the ticket shall be fined not less than fifty dollars nor more than one hundred dollars.

Scalping (selling a ticket above face value) violates University policy and Kentucky law. Selling or soliciting the sale of a ticket (even at face value) on campus without a permit also violates University policy. Therefore, a violation of these University policies or this Kentucky law may result in your ineligibility to purchase basketball or football tickets even if criminal charges are not filed against you. The Athletic Department reserves the right to declare you ineligible to order tickets if we receive sufficient evidence that a football or basketball ticket assigned to you was sold for greater than the face value of the ticket.