Marshall-Virginia Tech Postgame Quotes

May 18, 2013

Box Score

Virginia Tech 3 Marshall 2 - Game 5
Postgame Quotes
John Cropp Stadium - Lexington, Ky.
May 18, 2013

Opening statement ...

"First off, hats off to Marshall. I mean, Andi Williamson just did an unbelievable job out there pitching two full games. Hats off to her and the way those girls played. We knew we were going to be in for a battle all the way, but I tell you what, when you get into those types of games, I was really impressed with what they were able to do. I was impressed with what we were able to do. We hung in there, battled through some bases-loaded jams, Jasmine (Harrell) threw great, and we were able to get a run there in the 13th. What a great game for everybody. The fans and everyone involved. It was a great regional game."

On when he knew his team was going to pull out a win ...
"We've got a pretty veteran group as a whole. These sophomores have played a lot of games and they have been in big games. I was confident we were going to get a win right about there in the 13th. That's when I was confident. It's just one of these things, where things aren't going exactly the way you want them too and we botch up a rundown there, and end up having to load the bases to get out of a jam. I am telling you, I may look calm, but my stomach is upside down in those cases."

On what was going through her mind during the last at-bat...
"Pretty much what I was thinking is she is a great pitcher and I got to see the ball down, hit it, and wait for my pitch because she was giving it to us and just go for it."



On the matchup with Kentucky...
"They are a high-caliber team and so are we. I think it's going to be a great game and we just need to go in mentally focused and stay aggressive and keep this momentum going."

On pitching 186 pitches and what was working...

"My dropball was the majority of the pitches and I feel like I did well with those, and my riseball came in late at the end that showed them a little something different. That worked really well for me."

On getting out of the two bases loaded jams...
"I am kind of weird because I feel more relaxed because I know I can go home with the ball or it's a play anywhere at the plate so I just keep thinking strikeout or get a groundball so we can maybe turn two somewhere. I felt really confident in those situations."

Opening statement ...

"First hats off to the University of Kentucky. They're doing an awesome job of hosting, the facility is amazing. Game one today against Notre Dame - when you think of Notre Dame you think of tradition - and our kids were gutsy and battled to get that win. When you look on the day as a whole look what Andi Williamson has done. She pitched pretty much a triple header back-to-back-to-back. How gritty is that? For us unfortunately offensively we outhit them 13 to 8, but we just weren't able to push that run across when we needed to earlier. We had our chances, but how blessed are we to be able to do this? I feel coaching is one of the best jobs out there. I get the opportunity to work with so many incredible young ladies who compete and have sold out and given everything they have to our team. You feel for them. My heart right now is with them. I feel for these kids who have given everything they have and come up short. That's life sometimes. You give everything you got and sometimes you don't get what you want. A real champion is able to take that on the chin and walk out here with their shoulders back and their head high. You say we're not defined by any loss just like we're not defined by any win here at Marshall. These girls have put Marshall Softball on the map. They've legitimized what we are trying to do as a program and I am incredibly proud."

On Andi Williamson's performance ...
"In a 26-hour period she threw 26 innings. Only a 30-minute break between the two games today and you're talking two extra-inning games. That wears on you when you feel your offense is getting there to push across that run. Not only to just continue to dig deep, rear back and fire. Didn't she continue to get stronger and stronger? I know she could continue to pitch. That's what I'm going to miss is the ease I feel as a coach when you hand her the game ball you don't worry about anything."

On how she is able to throw so many pitches...

"Coach always tells us that when you get tired you play with your heart. That is what I do. I have a big heart and love for the game."

On what it means to play in the NCAA tournament ...
"It is a great opportunity to get to play in the postseason, so I am thankful we got to be here. I still wish we would have won."

On maintaining your composure in tough situations...

"It is important for us to get high. The higher we get, the better we get. You have to keep rolling with the punches."

On what Harrell did so effectively...
"Her drop ball is what got us tonight. We weren't making the right adjustments at the plate and we weren't getting the timely hit."

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