Women's Gymnastics
Fall 2003 Gymnastics Retreat

Oct. 15, 2003

The University of Kentucky gymnastics team recently went on a team building retreat where they canoed, camped and took part in a ropes course at Asbury College. Below is a photo gallery of the trip.

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Rachel Riley, Bethany Strauch and Kara Prestigiacomo loading the van getting ready to go to the ropes course.

Rachel Riley helps teammate Michelle Gales during one of the low course challenges.

Krista Roemerman and Bethany Strauch tied together during one of the low course challenges.

The team during a break at the ropes course.

Leading their partners blindfolded during the low ropes course at Asbury College taught the team to trust one another.

The team listens to the facilitators after everyone successfully led their blindfolded partner to the next challenge.

The coaching staff listens to the facilitators at the ropes course. (L-R) Megan Fenton, Robin Bodem, Tom Haley, Mo Muhammad and Jen LaFalce)

Coach Mo and Lucy Burgin prepare dinner.

The Wildcats enjoy a gourmet dinner after completing the ropes course.

(L-R) Hilary Wilson, Lucy Burgin, Krista Roemerman, Krista Prestigiacomo, Sarai Sevier, Alison Sarucci, Mike Thompson (facilitator) and Tom (owner of the canoe company).

Rachel Riley on the high ropes course.

Life jackets on and ready to hit the river. (L-R) Kara Prestigiacomo, Aronda Primault, Krystle Cook, Michelle Gales, Rachel Riley and Bethany Strauch

Staci O'Keefe, Bethany Strauch and Alison Sarucci with their life jackets on, ready to brave the Kentucky River.

Sarai Sevier, Gina Augspurger and Staci O'Keefe on the Kentucky River.

(front to back) Krista Roemerman, Alison Sarucci and Julie Joy canoeing down the river.

On the Kentucky River (L-R) Krista Prestigiacomo, Aronda Primault, Michelle Gales, Lucy Burgin, Alison Sarucci and Gina Augspurger

On the Kentucky River (L-R) Michelle Gales, Bethany Strauch, Sarai Sevier, Rachel Riley and Staci O'Keefe

(L-R) Lucy Burgin, Parks (facilitator), Alison Sarucci, Bethany Strauch, Staci O'Keefe and Rachel Riley

The group at the end of a long, but successful day at the ropes course.

Krista Prestigiacomo, Lucy Burgin and Lindsay Cameron cooking dinner at the lodge.

The team poses for a photo at the end of a successful weekend of team bonding.



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