Women's Basketball
Just Clowning Around

Nov. 30, 2001

It's normal to dream when you are a child. While some little girls and boys fantasize about going into space as an astronaut, others wonder what it would be like to be the actors and actresses they see on television everyday.

And then there's Shambrica Jones.

"I wanted to be a clown in the circus," Jones proclaimed. "Ever since I was a little kid."

Jones, a native of Yazoo City, Miss., discovered her love for making other people laugh over 10 years ago. And while her classmates might have appreciated the comedic relief, not everyone especially enjoyed the laughter in class.

"In the first and second grade I found myself in timeout a lot," the sophomore said. "I was always telling jokes and cracking the class up."

Now, in her second year at Kentucky, Jones uses her humor on on the Wildcat basketball team. But, just like her grade-school teachers, Coach Bernadette Mattox knows there is a time for laughter, and a time to get serious.

"Coach has had to get on me in practice for being a clown," Jones said. "try to be serious. But it's a fun game, so I try to have fun as well."

Jones may not be serious all the time, but she's all business when she steps on the court at game time. She even was serious enough to earn her way into the starting lineup after an impressive performance against Temple in the season opener. Jones is averaging nearly five points a game on 42.9% shooting.

Although she is predicting a marked improvement from last year's squad, it's not necessarily more points or shooting percentages that Jones thinks is the cure to a good season.

"You know," Jones said. "They say laughter is the best medicine."



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