Men's Tennis
Post-Match Qotes - Match No. 12- (1) Kentucky vs. (4) Denver

May 9, 2014

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Kentucky Head Coach Cedric Kauffmann

On coming out slow in doubles ...
"You're always a little nervous after two and a half weeks of not playing and exams through this week. I felt in a bad spot. Our guys did a good job. I didn't think we played great in doubles and I think it's going to help us to get this tight doubles for tomorrow. We are going to have to play a lot better, and we can play better. I'm very glad we clinched the doubles and focused on the singles. I think everybody won their first sets and I was really pleased with that."

On Denver ...
"I did not know this team. They're not in our conference, we don't play them, we don't know a lot of people that they play so we couldn't get a lot of scouting. I thought they were a good doubles team and we did not play very well at the beginning, so I was not nervous, but I was a little worried. We're very happy to win the doubles point and to be advancing in this tournament."

On Clemson ...
"Clemson was one match away from hosting. (Clemson) was (ranked) 16 entering the last match. They lost to Notre Dame 4-2 in a tight match, and we lost to Notre Dame. Can they beat us? Yeah, if our guys don't come to play or if one or two players don't show up it will be tough."

Denver Head Coach Danny Westerman

On his thoughts on the match ...
"We competed our tails off like we normally do. I think every week, we've grown. We start five freshman out here. We played great, great doubles. Kentucky is obviously very talented. I think the singles separation kind of showed itself after some first sets. We hung around and hung around and if we could have turned one second set, I liked our chances a three through six. We were definitely competing. Great effort from our team, we just lost to a great team today."



On this experience helping them down the line ...
"We had a lot of growing pains. We scheduled a very tough schedule. That's our belief. That's what we've done over the last few years. I'm excited for our young guys to see what this is like. I think they know that they could have played even better than they normally do. Our potential is high, we just haven't been able to find the consistency that we normally do. I'm excited to get back on the on the courts with these guys over the summer, and we'll be there."

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