Men's Golf

Wildcat Caddy Club

The Wildcat Caddy Club is a close group of friends to the men's golf program at the University of Kentucky. Established in the spring of 2007, the donations from the Caddy Club members benefit the team in many areas, including practice equipment and other accessories that help the Kentucky men's golf team perform at the highest level. Without the contributions of the Wildcat Caddy Club, the UK men's golf team wouldn't be what it is today. Thanks to all club members listed for their continued and loyal support of UK golf.  

"Our goal is to provide our student-athletes with every resource needed to help them be successful. The Wildcat Caddy Club, along with the strong commitment from our administration, allows us to provide that opportunity as well as an unforgettable experience for each of our team members during their Wildcat careers."

If you have any questions about the Wildcat Caddy Club, please email Assistant Coach Jessie Mudd ( or Head Coach Brian Criag (

Club Members:

Bob Barriger   
Danny McMahan
Gary Biszantz   
Ches Musselman
Ward and Rita Blakefield
Marty Niehaus
Jim Boyd   
Bobby Owens
Steve Branscum   
Johnny Owens
Dave Bunnell   
Tim Philpot
Greg Couch   
John Poole
Tim Couch   
Dr. Michael Prunty
James Dockter   
Royce Pulliam
Gary Drake   
David Rudder
Steve Flesch   
Ernie Sampson
Hon. Karl Forester   
Don and Mary Schardein
Dr. Jerry Friesen   
John Schnatter
John Hampton   
Chris Scott
Don Heilman   
Phil Scott
Larry Hobbs   
Brett and Billie Jo Setzer
Talmage Hocker   
Jim Setzer
JB Holmes   
Don Smith
James Jenkins   
Chris Sullivan
Steve Lawson   
Kirk Swigert
Bart Mahan   
Jude Thompson
Mike Malone   
Darby Turner
Michael Faurest                                          
Mike Pratt
Jeff Gale                                                     
Lin McLellan
Jim Lowry                                                    
Fred Faulkner
Jim McDowell                                             
Paul Wedge
Jimmy Kirchdorfer                                      
Chris Young
Jimmy Dan Conner                                     

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