Football Ticket Scavenger Hunt

Win a set of Lower Level Football Tickets to the South Carolina game on Saturday October 7th in Commonwealth Stadium and $100.00 CASH!

Here's how to WIN:

1. Ten ticket vouchers will be located with an employee on campus. There are only ten ticket vouchers, so you must be one of the first ten people to find the employee to be eligible.

2. One Clue will be given each day for three days in the Kernel to direct you to the special employee. (Clues 2 and 3 will be located in the Kernel Classifieds). The clues are also located on this website.

3. You will only be able to approach the employee while he/she is in his/her office. Do not disturb class or approach them on campus.

4. Once you find the voucher, bring it to Coach Johnson's office, Room 42HH Memorial Coliseum, by 2pm on Wednesday, October 4.

5. All vouchers for the week will go in to a drawing for the South Carolina game tickets.

6. The winner of the USC game tickets will be announced on The Cat 104.5 Wednesday, October 4, between 4:00 and 6:00pm.

7. If your name is announced, you must pick up your tickets in Coach Johnson's office, Room 42HH Memorial Coliseum by 12:00pm on Friday, October 6th.

This super UK employee has been at UK since before most of you were born, he/she was a student here before he/she started working here in 1970. Also, he/she holds the keys to two UK gyms.

This UK employee checked student ID's for basketball games in 1971 @ Whitehall Classroom Building, when the Coliseum had overflow crowds at basketball games, they were telecast to the classroom building for students only.

This UK employee brings his/her potato gun to the Summer Advising Conference and you can go to them to find the exact spot where Vernon Hatton hit the game winning mid court shot at the buzzer. You can call him Dean, Director or even Jake, but please don't call him Coach.



2015 National Signing Day Commonwealth Stadium