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Men's Basketball Press Conference Quotes

Jan. 25, 2000

Tubby Smith
Pre-Georgia game

"After reviewing the Vanderbilt tape, there are things we need to improve on. It was good to see Desmond and the team shoot better from the outside. It will be a key to our success as we move into the heart of our Southeastern Conference schedule. The games are getting tougher. The tough thing is trying to stay focused on one game at a time because you can't afford to not be ready each night out."

"We felt very fortunate that we came away with a win. Kevin Stallings has done a good job of getting his guys to adapt to their system. They are a veteran team that just would not go away. Their zone defense gave us some trouble late in the game, but we were able to solve it in overtime to get the win. I thought Jamaal and Desmond were outstanding in the game. We have to get everybody playing on the same page. If we can just put together a whole game, I think we'll be well on our way to getting better. We have had some spurts, but we really haven't had any major runs. We have not been able to score in bunches. I was glad to see us win a close game on the road which should give us some confidence."

On preparing for Georgia:
"We really have to concentrate on post defense because Anthony Evans and Shon Coleman are outstanding post players. What they give away in height, they make up with their physical aggressiveness under the basket. With Tayshaun, Jules, and Marvin, I think Jamaal can pretty much hold his own in post defense, but the other three are really going to have to step up and play big. They have good size with Bodi Oliver and Ryan Lewis coming off the bench.

"In D.A. Layne, they have one of the most prolific scorers in the league. He can really shoot with range and when he gets hot like he has been in the last few games, he can hurt you. Containing him will be a real challenge for Desmond, Saul and Keith. Adrian Jones, a kid who has had a tough time with injuries, is a long-armed guard or small forward that can do a lot of different things. We really have to be conscious of where he is because he can make the outside shot. He is leading them in three-point percentage and as a team they are putting more points on the board than we are. They are rebounding the ball extremely well, especially on the offensive boards."

On the areas UK has improved in since beginning the season 4-4:
"We are making shots now. We have played really good competition and when you play good teams, like the Arizonas, the Utahs and the Marylands, it is hard to score against Jamaal when he is playing with a lot of poise inside. We had the same shots earlier in the year, but they just were not falling. We are getting better shots because we are running the offense better, however, we were still getting good shots earlier in the year."

On scoring in bunches:
"We are not a particularly fast team. In that I mean that we don't have two frontcourt people that are able to make the outlet pass quickly. In Saul and Keith, we have two guards that can push it up the court, and we have Desmond and Tayshaun who can dribble it up. When you dribble the ball, it isn't as fast. We are trying to get Jamaal to outlet the ball quicker and deeper up the court more, so we can get some easier transition baskets. "

On why Anthony Evans has been so effective inside at 6-foot-7:
"He is so determined to score. He is really aggressive offensively and looks to score. He is one of their first or second options. When you are 265 pounds and that wide, it is hard to get to the ball when he puts his body forward. He understands how to use his body in order to protect the ball and not get blocked."

On the key to defending Evans:
"We have to try not to let him get the ball in deep. We have to try to limit his touches and when he does catch, make sure he is far away from the basket."

UK Player Quotes

#40 Jules Camara
"We are ready for the game. We are just trying to stay focused."

"We are going to keep on shooting. We are going to stay focused and shot as much as we can. We are confident in ourselves and know that the shots will fall."

"When March comes, it is like a whole new season. For now, we are trying to work on the SEC games."

On his defensive game·
"I feel a lot better. I had a tough time early in the season. It's all about heart and desire. That's what I have."

#11 Saul Smith
"Jamaal (Magloire) is play well. He is taking his time and not forcing the ball. When he gets the ball, you know he will either score or get fouled. That's all you can expect from a center. We have two and three guards that like to shoot and I have confidence that if they miss, Jamaal will get the rebound and put it back up."

"I am going to miss the fact that (G.G. Smith) will not be out on the court. I always had fun playing him. I never bought into the brother vs. brother thing. I left that to (the media). I just went out and did my job and pulled out the victory."

#42 Jamaal Magloire
On being named SEC Player of the Week:
"It's definitely a good accolade to have. I've been working hard, and now it's paying off for me. My teammates have really helped my performance. I've become more consistent and comfortable as the season has progressed and with that comes confidence. As a team, we're shooting the ball better, and we're getting great play from Desmond, Todd and J.P. All of these things help me as a player."

On what he now thinks of his decision to return for his senior season:
"I have no regrets. I feel I made the best decision. I don't look back. My obligation is to the University of Kentucky and to winning another national championship. I take things day by day and I never harped on what the future held. I went through a little slump, but that just came with getting accustomed to the system."

"Georgia is a good team. We're really going to have to execute on defense in order to win. Georgia is going to give us a challenge inside. Evans is a great player, with a wide body. Taking care of him will definitely be a task. I have an advantage because I have experience on him. Banging around with Stone and Estill in practice everyday has given me the edge."



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