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Meeks and Patterson make their mark in UK lore

Jan. 22, 2009

That story on that I was talking about is up on site now. Please check it out when you get a chance. The story discusses the splash Jodie Meeks and Patrick Patterson are making this season and how their performances compare to even the all-time greats at a tradition-rich basketball program at UK.

The biggest thing I took out of the story was how much respect and understanding Meeks and Patterson have the program they play in and for the guys that played before them. Here are a couple of quotes I liked in particular.


"(Gillispie) talks about it a lot - pretty much every game and every practice," said Patterson of the rich history of Kentucky basketball. "He always talks about the great players before us that put on a Kentucky jersey and all the great tradition they had. He tells us that whenever we play to play with pride like they did and represent Kentucky the way it has been represented for these past years."


"Kentucky basketball is real big," Meeks said. "It's on the same level as Yankee baseball or Boston Celtics basketball, so it's very good for us to get this recognition, but we're not the kind of guys that beg for attention."



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