Kentucky Falls to No. 7 Michigan

Feb. 5, 2011

LEXINGTON, Ky. – The Kentucky women’s tennis team fell to No. 7 Michigan 7-0 on Saturday at the Varsity Tennis Center in Ann Arbor, Mich.

Michigan (4-0) got off to a fast start by claiming the doubles point with 8-3 and 8-2 victories from its No. 3 and No. 2 doubles pairs, respectively.

The Wolverines carried the momentum gained from doubles into singles to clinch the match.

No. 11 Denise Muresan won the first singles match for Michigan over senior Megan Broderick. Michigan later sealed the match with a 6-3, 6-4 victory from Michelle Sulahia over freshman Cece Witten.

Freshman Khristina Blajkevitch lost a hard-fought match to Sam Critser at the No. 3 singles position. After taking the first set 6-4, Blajkevitch dropped the second set and the match in a third-set tiebreaker, which was played instead of a full third set since the team match had since been decided. Blajkevitch fell behind early in the 10-point tiebreaker and couldn’t catch up, losing 10-5.

Kentucky (0-3) will host Ohio State on Wednesday at the Hilary J. Boone Tennis Center for its first home match of the season. Doubles play will begin at 1 p.m. Parking is available in Parking Structure No. 7 on Sportscenter Drive, adjacent to the Boone Tennis Center. Nearby surface lots are for residential student parking only, and subject to ticket and/or tow penalties without a proper permit.

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Varsity Tennis Center
Ann Arbor, Mich.
February 5, 2011

No. 7 Michigan 7, Kentucky 0

Doubles competition:
1) Muresan/Bolender (UM) def. Broderick/Stiles (UK) 8-5
2) Nguyen/Critser (UM) def. Venter/McGraw (UK) 8-3
3) Tatsuno/Sulahian (UM) def. Blajkevitch/Witten (UK) 8-2

Singles competition:
1) No. 11 Denise Muresan (UM) def. Megan Broderick (UK) 6-1, 6-1
2) Brooke Bolender (UM) def. Jessica Stiles (UK) 6-4, 7-6 (6)
3) No. 105 Sam Critser (UM) def. Khristina Blajkevitch (UK) 4-6, 6-1, 1-0 (10-5)
4) Mimi Nguyen (UM) def. Caitlin McGraw (UK) 6-2, 6-3
5) Rika Tatsuno (UM) def. Marni Venter (UK) 6-1, 6-4
6) Michelle Sulahia (UM) def. Cece Witten (UK) 6-3, 6-4

Order of finish: Doubles: 3, 2*, 1        Singles: 1, 4, 6*, 5, 2, 3