Kentucky-BYU Postgame Quotes

May 15, 2009

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Kentucky Head Coach Rachel Lawson

On game against BYU
“Today’s game you have to give BYU credit,” Lawson said. “Theycame out and attacked us right off the bat. They are a good team and we had ourhands full right from the beginning of the game. I thought we did a good jobsettling down and for awhile we did a good job defensively and kept them offbase. In the seventh, did a nice job like they’ve been doing all year andcapitalized on it.”

BYU Head Coach Gordon Eakin

On game vs. Kentucky
“We got out of the shoot strong and held them for the fi rst three inningswithout scoring,” Eakin said. “Christie was strong. She hasn’tpitched a lot lately, but started off strong and Paige fi nished it off for usand obviously gave us an opportunity to generate runs offensively in win thegame.”

On early offensive momentum
”When you start out a game and get a couple of runs in the fi rst inning,it’s huge and it gave us a lot of confi dence,” Eakin said. “Idon’t think it is a surprise that we are coming out ready to play becauseeveryone in this tournament is ready to play. I thought Kentucky was ready toplay, but we just got a few more breaks and hits than they did. We had a solidgame on a fi eld we never played at before and the early momentum helped boostour confi dence.”

BYU First Baseman Andrea Ramirez

On early offensive start against Kentucky
“It’s exciting that we had the opportunity to come out and show everybodythat we are ready to compete,” Ramirez said. “It’s fun to geta rally going and show that our hitting can be strong. I think early successin a game shows that we are capable of doing it and to fi ght all the way tothe end.”

On late inning run
“Our goal every inning is to score runs, and it was nice to show that wecould still keep pushing and compete,” Ramirez said. “It doesn’tmatter what time zone we are in. We will be ready to play.”