Kentucky-Mississippi State Soccer Blog

Oct. 25, 2009

3:49 -- The Bulldogs now just push it down into the corner to waste clock. Final score, Mississippi State 2, Kentucky 0.

3:47 -- With 2:30 minutes remaining the Wildcats had their beest offensive possession when Fahey centering a pass to Novikoff who got a solid head on the ball, but it went wide right of the goal.

3:44 -- Lopez now on the backline with McGee and Keyes. Cats playing four at MF (Kildare, Telang, K. Brwoning and Goblirsch) and three up top (Novikoff, Hull and Fahey.)

3:42 -- MSU goal. Ball enters into the box and takes a bad hop over a charging Burton, Walsh is there for the finish on the empty net.

3:41 -- With the clock at 7:00 left, UK doesn't seem to be pushing the issue any; not playing with any sense of urgency.

3:40 -- Lipsitz yelling from the sideline tell his forwards to play faster as time is slowing running out.

3:39 -- Inside of 10:00 leftin the match, UK trails MSU 1-0.

3:37 -- UK forwards still having a hard time getting wide in the Wildcat attack.

3:36 -- MSU corner kick by Simmons crosses endline on front of goal...subbingin for UK Lopez, Kildare and Fahey for James, Twehues and Stack.

3:34 -- MSU corner is headed out by a Wildcat resulting in another corner. After playing it in, the ball is knocked around int he box and cleared out by McGee for a MSU throwin.

3:32 -- UK earns first corner kick of the match taken by K. Browning. Goblirsch goes high for the header and it was headed for the far left post, but Holland made the stop. In transition, MSU gains a corner kick.

3:31 -- MSU foul. K. Browning sends one into the box that Holland leaps high for and gathers briefly before dropping it, but she's able to fall down on it.

3:30 -- K. Browning into the game now for Kildare.

3:26 -- Goblirsch is now playing in the midfield, while James has taken her place up top joining Hull and Novikoff.

3:22 -- MSU attack leads to a corner kick for the Bulldogs, the second of the game. Laura Burton goes up high to pull the ball down over everybody and thwart the Bulldog attempt.

3:22 -- Kildare subbing in for Fahey and James in for A. Browning.

3:21 -- MSU appears to have a breakaway, with Kite chasing down a loose ball while at the top of the box, but Burton came charging out and covered it.

3:19 -- Lipsitz said that he wanted a harder work rate from his forwards and no question he'll get that from Goblirsch and Hull, two of the hardest workers on the team.

3:16 -- Twehues subbing into the game for Lopez. Goblirsch and Hull head to the top while McGee, who was playing up top, and Twehues head to the backline.

3:13 -- MSU goal by Morgan. The ball is tapped out of the box by Wannek to Morgan who fired from 20 yards out past a diving Burton inside the left post.

3:10 -- Kentucky has been able to contain MSU's Kat Walsh who entered the game with a high shots-on-goal percentage, but as of yet, she's not attempted a shot. MSU possession, the ball is serviced into the box where Wannek controls it and tries a shot with her back to the net, but the attempt goes wide right.

3:07 -- MSU possession results in a service that flicked towards the net by Henderson, but Burton is there to pull it in. In transition, MSU is whistled for a foul on the endline and Telang takes a free kick that is in the same spot a corner would be awarded. Her service into the box is headed up and out of bounds by Goblirsch.

3:07 -- A final score from Fayetteville has Florida defeating the Razorbacks 1-0.

3:04 -- Telang attempts to feed a ball through the defense, but hits it too hard and right to MSU goalie Holland. A wildcat miscue on the other end almost leads to a MSU opportunity but Stack is able to clear the ball way.

3:03 -- A. Browning sends a ball throught he MSU defense for Lopez, but Lopez is unable to beat her defender and get to the ball.

3:02 -- UK starts the second half with their first half starters and possession of the ball. The Cats send the kick down the far sideline, but nodody is there to challenge and MSU gains control.

3:00 -- One thing coach Lipsitz said at halftime is that he wants more width and harder work rate out of the fowards. They're not wide enough and not giving the backs anything to aim for over the top when going down the field.

2:58 -- Halftime stats show how even the game is...Shots 4-4, Saves 3-3, Fouls 7-7, Corners MSU 1, UK 0

2:46 -- The half ends with a MSU foul, but time runs out before the Cats can take the kick. 0-0 at the half

2:45 -- MSU cetners a ball in front of UK that's headed by Wannek but it's deflected to the left of the post resulting in a MSU corner. The Bulldogs corner kick is taken out of the air by Burton.

2:43 -- Inside of two minutes left in the half and neither team has a corner kick.

2:42 -- Twehues checking into the game for Telang

2:41 -- Foul on UK at the top right of the box, 10 yards out...MSU's free kick taken by Baldner is cleared away by Novikoff.Simmons controls the ball and fires a shot from 30 yds out, but it sails high and to the right.

2:39 -- MSU has the ball in the UK box and Bulldog player went down warranting calls from the crowd for a penalty which would have resulted in a PK, but the official held his whistle and played on.

2:38 -- K. Browning controls the ball, turns and fires a shot off her left from 25 yds out, but right at Holland.

2:34 -- The MSU keeper Holland has a tendency to come out off her line and high, but UK hasn't been able to take advantage.

Kildare and K. Browning check in for A. Browning and Lopez.

2:31 -- Kildare set to check in as the first UK sub of the day.

2:29 -- Lopez turns and finds herself open at the top of the 18 and fires a shot off her left foot that sails high.

2:28 -- Kildare, James, K. Browning and Twehues warming up on the UK sideline.

2:27 -- MSU crosses a pass in front of the UK goal, but it goes over the top and over the end line on the side of the goal for a UK goal kick.

2:26 -- Battle still being played in the midfield, neither team getting many offensive opportunities.

2:21 -- MSU currently in the UK defensive third...first time a while they've been as UK controls the ball the majority of the time on the MSU defensive third

2:18 -- Foul on MSU 10 yds over midfield. Goblirsch serves it in and its headed around by a couple Wildcats. Novikoff attempted the shot but it was coralled by Holland for the save.

2:15 -- Another MSU shot from about 25 yards out by Jasmine Simmons, but it's right at Burton.

2:12 -- MSU sends a ball over the top and Brooke Keyes is left one-on-one with Kite, but Burton came charging and dove on top of the ball.

2:10 -- Kiondra McGee attempts UK's first shot with a hook from the top right of the box, but it's right at Holland for the save.

2:08 -- MSU gets the first shot of the game on Danielle Kite's shot from 20 yards out, but it was right at Burton with little pace on it.

2:06 -- The ball has been played mainly in the midfield area. Neither team has produced any dangerous scoring opportunities.

2:02 -- Goblirsch has a nice drive into the State box but it's taken away by a Bulldog defender.

2:00 -- MSU took the opening kickoff, fed it to the back and worked it do0wn the field to UK goalie Laura Burton. Nothing dangerous.

1:59 -- The Wildcats come out in their blue tops and bottoms witn blue lettering and numbers on the front and back and white striping down the sleeve. MSU is in all white with maroon numbers and Mississippi State across the chest.

1:55 -- Starting lineup: Mississippi State...GK: Taryn Holland; D: Serena Prendergast, Ashley Hood, Hanna Tyler, Leanna Baldner; M: Monica Alvarado, Zehra Syed, Jasmine Simmons; F: Danielle Kite, Andrea Harrison, Kat Walsh

1:52 -- Starting lineup: Kentucky...GK: Laura Burton; D: Julie Hull, Jenna Goblirsch, Ashley Stack, Brooke Keyes; M: Laura Novikoff, Alicia Browning, Alyssa Telang; F: Kiondra McGee, Katie Fahey, Giuleana Lopez

1:50 -- Live stats link for the match is State is also going to have live video streaming for the match with no audio.

Live blog for the Kentucky-Mississippi State soccer match will begin approximately 10 minutes prior to kickoff.