Live Blog: Kentucky at Alabama

Oct. 15, 2009

9:54 -- Final score Alabama 2, Kentucky 0

9:53 -- Tide in transition gets their second goal, taking a 2-0 lead in the final minute.

9:52 -- Alabama now begins to carry the ball to the corner to kill the clock.

9:50 -- Another Bama corner kick is headed away by Novikoff. Ball still in the attack zone, and a Crimson Tide shot goes wide right. Alabama on the attack again and wide open shot goes high.

9:46 -- Goblirsch pushing the ball again tries to center it but it's cleared away. Wildcats appear to be controlling the ball a little more. Alabama is not sitting back just sitting on the lead, they're still attacking with 5:30 left.

9:44 -- Hard foul by Lopez draws the ire of Bama coach Bramlett, but no card is issued. Robinson checks in for Lopez.

9:34 -- Goblirsch generates another attack and crosses the ball, but UK is whistled offside...In transition, UK is called for a foul just outside the box, but UA's free kick taken by Rix, sails over the goal.

9:32 -- Novikoff about to check in again which would put her in along with Lopez...Lipsitz said before the game they wanted to make sure that the two were on the field together more often. Lately, they would only cross over by a couple minutes. They like to play Lopez at midfield behind Novikoff so they can play off each other better, instead of having them both play at the top where they're side by side.

9:30 -- Goblirsch beats to Bama defenders and gets a cross off to Katie Fahey in front of the UA goal, but UA's keeper Justine Bernier intercepts the cross. The Goblirsch move to the top seems to be paying off a bit.

9:28 -- Foul on Bama results in another free kick for UK in the Alabama attack zone, but Kildare's kick is cleared away. Kentucky in transition gets a throw-in dep in Alabma territory.

9:26 -- The Wildcats have moved Jenna Goblirsch up to the top in hopes of generating something offensively. Brook Keyes has taken her spot in the back.

9:24 -- Foul called on Alabama, UK takes free kick from midfield, but the ball is cleared away.

9:18 -- Coach Lipsitz encouraging his back line to push up, saying they're too far behind the play

9:17 -- Lopez, Novikoff and K. Browning come off the field for Au, Robinson and Keyes

9:15 -- Eight minutes into the second half and Kentucky has yet to generate an offensive opportunity and continues to turn the ball over at midfield

9:11 -- The Tide gets a shot off a corner kick, but Hiance falls to her right to make the save.

9:09 -- Alabama with an opportunity in transition gets a shot from point blank range, but Hiance made a diving stop, punching the ball away.

9:05 -- One of the keys in the second half could be the wind...The Wildcats and goalie Sydney Hiance were kicking into the wind which is listed at 8 mph, but the way the field is arranged, it's more a wind tunnel with gusts up to at least 12-15 mph...UK will have the win at its back in the 2nd half.

8:50 -- Halftime, Alabama 1, Kentucky 0...After controlling the game the first five minutes of the game, UK began turning the ball over and spending the majority of the half playing defense. Shots Alabama 12, Kentucky 2...Saves Kentucky 3, Alabama 1...Corner Kicks Alabama 9, Kentucky 5...Fouls Kentucky 5, Alabama 5

8:48 -- A late call on Alabama gives UK a free kick. Kildare takes the kick and sends it into the box but it's acleared away.

8:46 -- The Wildcats are having keeping possesion at midfield, repeatedly turning the ball over allowing the Tide to confirm Lipsitz's fears of them reeling off multiple goals in a short amount of time.

8:45 -- Another Alabama corner results in a scrum in front of the goal by Hiance falls on a loose ball ending the threat.

8:41 -- Play has been back and forth now, with neither team taking control of the action.

8:34 -- Another corner kick for the Crimson Tide, their seventh of the half...the ball skips through the box off a UK player and over the line for another Bama corner kick, their eighth. This kick resulted in an Alabama shot that sailed over the goal. Currently shots are 10-1 in favor of the Tide.

8:31 -- Sorry, we're experiencing some difficulties...Coach Lipsitz mentioned before the game that he was worried about Alabama offensively, that they are capable of scoring in bunches. However their struggles have mirrored UK's in that they've generated plenty of opportunities but have been victimized by bad bounces, missed touches etc. Right now we're seeing that from Alabama.

8:24 -- UK corner kick taken by Kelly Browning bounces in front of the box and rolls through and over the end line on the other side of the goal resulting in a Bama goal kick.

8:23 -- Alabama nearly made it a 2-0 game, but two good looks hit off the post.

8:16 -- After Kentucky controlled the tempo and possessed the ball on the Alabama end through the first five minutes, Alabama has controlled the game since.8:13 -- Goal Alabama off a corner kick...Bama played the corner back towards midfield and then set the ball back to Petriello who took the corner. She then bent a shot inside the far post for the early lead.

8:08 -- Plenty of excitement early on...UK already has two corner kicks and off the second corner Alyssa Telang got a shot that hit off the bottom of the cross bar, but the official said the ball did not cross the goal line.

8:04 -- Alabama has informed us that the game is being live streamed on their and click on TideTV and click on 'Free Events'

8:02 -- Welcome to tonight's blog...Alabama has been gracious and brought in some Kentucky like weather.

The live blog will begin approximately ten minutes to kick off.