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Sept. 25, 2009

9:07 -- Foul by UK in the box results in a Florida penalty kick. Kick is good. Gators win 2-1.

9:01 -- Florida earns second yellow card tonight when Kathryn Williamson fouled Lopez hard just over the mid-field line. Off the free kick, Laura Novikoff fired a shot from 25 yards out towards the far upper 90, but a diving stop by Fraine preserved the tie.

9:00 -- UF's Brooke Thigpen had a clean look and hard shot off an entry pass, but Hiance was there for a diving deflection and the UK defense cleared the ball out of bounds.

8:55 -- Kentucky is 0-0-3 in overtime matches this season having to played to ties against Akron, Morehead State and Western Kentucky.

8:52 -- End of regulation...1-1...this is the second straight year UK and UF have gone into overtime...last season, the Gators scored early in the second overtime for a 3-2 victory...The Wildcats are looking for their first win in Gainesville.

8:51 -- UK called for a foul resulting in a free kick for Florida just over mid-field. The kick goes into the box and is shot by a Gator but Hiance is there for a diving save.

8:47 -- Robinson tore down the far sideline after a loose ball and just as she was about to put a foot on the ball, a Gator defender got there. Both struck the ball at the same time with Robinson doing a full flip in the air resembling a gymnast. Both players were fine and play resumed. Currenlty just over 3:00 min. left in second half.

8:43 -- With ball just outside of UK's 18-yard box, the Gators have two shots at a goal, but Wildcat defenders turn them away each time.

8:41 -- Florida corner kick is batted around and send out to Gator who pushes a shot towards the goal, but Hiance is there for the save.

8:40 -- A completely different UK team has shown up for the second half. The Wildcats are dominating play physically and playing more inspired.

8:38 -- With 11:15 left in the half, time is stopped as UK's Katie Fahey suffers cramps and has to be walked off the field.

8:36 -- A Florida foul results in a free kick to UK taken by Julie Hull. Hull pushed a ball down the sideline to Lopez, who falls to the ground at the feet of a Florida defender, but the official saw no foul and called for play to continue.

8:33 -- A yellow card is issued to Florida's bench. It appears to be against UF coach Becky Burleigh.

8:31 -- After a Florida turnover, Lopez gains control and had a one-on-one with Fraine, but too hard of a touch ends up in Fraine's hands. The Gators gain a corner kick in transitionthat his heade dout for a Florida attacker for a UK goal kick.

8:29 -- A long clearance from Hull to Au over the Florida defense in transition. UK gets corner kick. K. Browning's service goes over the box for nothing.

8:26 -- Florida corner kick is slapped out by Hiance to the far side resulting in UF throw-in.

8:24 -- With 23:09 left in the 2nd half, the center official stops the clock to talk with UK's Taylor Ray and UF's Napolitano to temper their physical play a bit.

8:21 -- Florida foul results in a UK free kick taken by Kelly Browning. Browning sends a ball into the box that is kicked out of bounds for a UK throw-in. Ensuing throw in goes down into the corner where Lopez sends back to Ashley Stack. Stack's centering pass is picked up by UF goalie Fraine.

8:19 -- Gators take a corner kick that is cleared by UK defense, but resulting in another UF corner. The second corner is also cleared to the far side of the field resulting in a ball out of bounds and throw-in to Kentucky.

8:14 -- Lopez controlled the ball on the far side of the field and when the double team came, she played a little give and go with Stefani Kildare who came over to help. Kildare pushed the ball back to Lopez who took a few dribbles along the top of the 18-yard box and fired a shot with her left foot just inside the left post to tie the game.8:13 -- Giuleana Lopez ties the game 1-1 with her second goal.

8:08 -- After a Gator goal kick, the Wildcats gained possession and in transition Lopez sends a through ball to Laura Novikoff who controls the ball for a one-on-one with UF goalie Fraine. Novikoff couldn't get a good enough angle on the shot and rifled it right at Fraine who pulled it in.8:06 -- UK has best offensive opportunity when Stefani Kildare finds a loose ball at the top of the 18-yard box, but just as she put a foot on the ball for the shot, a Florida defender stepped in to stop her advance.

8:05 -- Florida attack leads to a corner kick, but the service is headed out by Laura Novkikoff. Florida regained control but another centering pass is headed away by Novikoff. Gators control the ball but roll it over the end line for a UK goal kick.

8:01 -- UK takes opening kickoff and sends the ball long into the attack zone. After knocking around, ball goes over end line for Florida goal kick.UK Volleyball won the second game 25-16 and is now up 2-0 on Ole Miss

7:57 -- SEC scores: South Carolina 1, Vanderbilt 0 Halftime

7:54 -- Corner kicks - UF 2, UK 0; Fouls - UF 4, UK 3; Saves - UK 3, UF 0

7:44 -- End of the first half, Florida 1, Kentucky 0...The Gators have taken five shots to none for UK

7:42 -- Nearing the end of the first half, the Gators are awarded a corner kick taken by Nicky Kit. The service into the box was cleared out by Novikoff.

7:39 -- UK volleyball team came from behind in the first game to take a 1-0 lead over Ole Miss.

7:35 -- Gators have another attack, but the through ball, once through the UK defense, was picked up by a charging Sydney Hiance.

7:33 -- Despite not recording a shot yet, the UK ball seems to be spending more time in the Florida defensive end of the field.7:30 -- Kirsten Robinson uses her speed to chase a ball down on the far side. She beat her defender and attacked the goal. However, nobody was there to receive her centering pass as it rolled out of bounds. In transition, Kiondra McGee is there once again to stop a Gator offensive attack.

7:29 -- First UK substitution, Kelly Browning for Stefani Kildare. Sam Au and Laura Novikoff waiting to check in.

7:27 -- Lopez with a run to the goal line with the ball, but the centering pass in knocked away. The Gators in transition get a shot from Annis is saved by Hiance.

7:25 p.m. -- UK throw-in in the Florida defensive end to Lopez. Lopez battles through a few Gator defenders but the ball is cleared away before anything develops.

7:21 -- McGee playing some excellent shut down defense on her side of the field. UK has a throw-in deep in the Florida end of the field.

7:18 -- Tymrak left wide open at the top of the 18-yd box, turned and fired a shot that went just high over the goal.

7:17 -- The majority of the action has taken place in UK's defensive end of the field.

7:11 -- Lindsay Thompson rifles a shot right at Hiance that knocked her off her balance and the ball trickles into the back of the net. 1-0 Florida

7:09 -- Hyde took the free kick and sent a shot right at the goal, but Hiance leaped and brought the ball in for the save.7:08 p.m. -- UK is whistled for a fould about 8 yds outside the front left corner of the 18-yard box.

7:05 p.m. -- UK on the attack now, with a throw-in deep in the Florida attack zone. McGee puts a high ball into the box that is caught by UF's Fraine.7:03 p.m. -- UF's Avant made a run with the ball down the far sideline, but a centering pass went right to Hiance.

7:00 p.m. -- A Florida service went through the box and was knocked out of bounds by Fahey. The Gators tried to turn it in to the box but it was knocked past the endline for a UK goal kick.

6:58 p.m. -- The Gators set piece is kicked out towards mid-field but cleared away by Jenna Goblirsch.

7:56 p.m. -- Coach Lipsitz is making his SEC debut this evening as the Gators kick-off and we're under way. An immediate corner kick for Florida.

6:53 p.m. -- Smoothly dressed UK head coach Jon Lipsitz is rocking a black suit with white shirt and blue tie with silver polka dots.

6:51 p.m. -- Starting lineups being announced...for UK: GK-Sydney Hiance, D-Julie Hull, Jenna Goblirsch, Kiondra McGee, Ashley Stack; MF-Taylor Ray, Stefani Kildare, Alyssa Telang; F-Katie Fahey, Giuleana Lopez, Kirsten Robinson...for UF: GK-Katie Fraine; D-Kathryn Williamson, Jazmyne Avant, Caitlin Howard, Tricia Townsend; MF-Brooke Thigpen, Lauren Hyde, Jessica Eicken, Angela Napolitano, Erika Tymrak; F-Lindsay Thompson

6:42 p.m. -- Other action around the SEC tonight includes Vanderbilt at South Carolina (televised on Fox Sports South); Tennessee at Arkansas; Auburn at Mississippi State; Georgia at LSU...The Alabama at Ole Miss match has been postponed to later in the season due to inclement weather.

6:20 p.m -- Both teams out warming up right now, the Wildcats in their blue warm-up tops and white shorts and white socks. Floris in in their gray warm-up tops, blue shorts and blue socks.The soccer field is surrounded by the University of Florida track here at James G. Pressly Stadium and Percy Beard Track.

6:10 p.m. -- Looking down on the field from the pressbox, both benches have their backs to us with UK sitting on the left side. Looking straight across is McKethan Stadium, home of the baseball Gators. Just beyond that is the O'Dome, home of the basketball Gators and beyond that Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, home of the football Gators.

6:05 p.m. -- Forecast for kickoff is 86 degrees; Partly cloudy skies and just 20% chance of rain. However there is a nice, dark cloud sitting right on top of us, but as of this second, no rain.