Alyssa Telang's Preseason Take

Aug. 15, 2010

Posted from Saturday, August 14

Tonight's game was a good start for the beginning of this season. First of all, as we were driving to the fields it started lightning outside and delayed the game. You could tell everyone was just really anxious to step on the field and play.

I really am proud of the freshmen that stepped on the field today; they gave everything they had. From the start, they were able to help our team give high pressure on the Ohio State defense and allowed us to have most of the possession for the first half. Six freshmen started for us, so that just shows that we have to play with that much more heart than every opponent since we usually don't have the level of experience on our side.

This was a good building block for us to grow from. We made some mistakes that cost us goals, but we all know that those mistakes will not happen again this season. We can only get better from here.