Alyssa Telang's Preseason Take

Aug. 14, 2010

Posted from Friday, August 13th

Today was a new experience for the freshmen. Coach decided to leave early for Ohio so that we could do some team bonding. All of the upperclassmen went on a retreat during the Spring season in Charleston, so we kind of knew what it was all about. It felt good just to sit back, relax, and have some fun with the team.

During our retreat, we went through our preseason book which ultimately is our guide to success this season. We discussed our values and what's most important to our team both on and off the soccer field. Seniors Kelly Browning, Sydney Hiance, and Laura Novikoff had huge roles in explaining to the freshmen what it means to be a part of this team- this family. Their leadership is going to be important this season if we want to win games.

To get a few giggles out of us and to teach a lesson on fairy boating (rumors), Coach had sent two freshmen in the hallway, and read a story of great detail to one freshman - Jenna Goobie. Jenna then had to tell the story with as many details as she remembered to Allie Lonneman. Allie then had to tell the story to McKay Kirkland. McKay said what she remembered to all of us, and she only knew 2 correct details of the real story. Coach wanted us to realize that we talk to people, not about people. Our team now understands that we are a "no drama" team.

This retreat was really special for our team. In just a week, we have become a big family, on and off the field. It was so important for everyone to relax before our game tomorrow. If we just work, success will come.