Alyssa Telang's Two-A-Days Take

Aug. 13, 2010

Posted from Thursday, Aug. 12

Today we woke up at 6 am for our last two a day and we pretty much had to stay focused because these practices were our last training sessions before we head off to our exhibition game.

The first training session was a big struggle. We weren't really doing the little things that Coach wanted us to do. I really give credit to Jenna Goblirsch for keeping us together and encouraging us when we put our heads down. Every water break we got she pulled us in and stressed to us that everything we were doing wasn't good enough. It was definitely one of the worst trainings we have had so far and Coach talked to us at the end. He made us realize that we can't always just have a practice that is all fun and games otherwise we would lose in our conference. By doing the work now, we can become a better team and get wins in the future.

His words definitely stuck with us as we came out hard for our second session. We worked on combination play and a more attacking style between the forwards and the midfielders. One of the players who really stood out was freshman Kacie Kumar. She's fit and is one of the hardest workers. Today she helped the opposing center mids to get better by her high pressure. It's really cool to see certain players stand out by just flat out outworking people. Now we're off to get in some live game action and hopefully we come back with a win.

Preseason Practice #1 Aug. 12, 2010

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Coach Jon Lipsitz Aug. 12, 2010