Alyssa Telang's Two-A-Days Take

Aug. 12, 2010

Women's Soccer Preseason Practice Aug. 11, 2010

Post from Wednesday, Aug. 11

Today's sessions were really positive and we were able to take a step forward offensively. Our first training session was one of the best yet this preseason because every player was giving their all. It looks like this season is going to be a lot different. We really encourage each other and today just proved how hard we are willing to work to get things done. It really feels like we are becoming a family.

In the 2nd session of the day, the focus was on the forwards. Currently, three of our four forwards are freshmen. Caitlin Landis, Taylor Parker, and Jenna Goobie had the pressure on them tonight. Coach really focuses on the details and he definitely wasn't letting them slide without making sure each one of them was perfecting the drills. It really made me happy to see each one of them take his constructive criticism, learn from it, and fix their mistakes. These three are definitely going to be able to contribute to our play this year and I'm excited to be able to play with them.

One of the lighter moments of the 2nd training was when we all turned and watched (asst. coach) Aaron (Rodgers) working out our goalies. He was dripping sweat and could barely talk. We all joked with him and screamed RED ZONE. We all wear heart monitors and if we are unfit, most of the time that we play, we're in the red zone.

Today was a good day and we wake up tomorrow (Thursday) for an early 7 am session for the start of our last two-a-day. We're all really excited to leave for Ohio State on Friday and the smoothies always makes a bus trip go by a little faster.