Women's Soccer Fourth of July Favorites

July 1, 2011

With the Fourth of July upon us, a few members of the UK Women's Soccer team took a couple minutes to talk about some of their favorite July 4th memories, as well as their favorite fireworks.

Happy Independence Day to everybody!!

Kacie Kumar, Sophomore (Dayton, Ohio)

  • Favorite Memory: I haven't really done anything crazy for the Fourth of July that makes it really memorable. But I would just have to say every year my family normally grills out for lunch, then we attend the festival that my hometown puts on, and afterwards I normally go out with friends to watch the fireworks in the lawn of my high school or on the roof of someone's house.
  • Favorite Firework: The one that makes the smiley face.

Ashley VanLandingham, Sophomore (Asheville, N.C.)

  • Favorite Memory: Favorite memory is being with my entire family at the beach and playing all of the games, watching the parade, making t shirts, and watching fireworks!
  • Favorite Firework: The white ones that fizzle at the end.

Marissa Madison, Freshman (Wayne, N.J.)

  • Favorite Memory: My favorite Fourth of July memory is when I was really young my dad took me and my brother to the top of this huge hill in my neighborhood and put me on top of the car and told me took look towards the sky and wait; after about 10 minutes there were fireworks exploding in the air.
  • Favorite Firework: I like the sparkler fireworks that you can hold in your hand and swing around.

Kelsey Hunyadi, Senior (Dublin, Ohio)

  • Favorite Memory: My dad pulling my sister and me in our little red wagon to the high school to watch the fireworks. For some reason he won't do it for me this weekend.
  • Favorite Firework: The gold waterfall ones are my favorite. If there was a UK one, that would be it though. J

Danielle Krohn, Sophomore (Wrightsville, Pa.)

  • Favorite Memory: Spending time with my family and friends and enjoying the sight of all different fireworks.  Everyone always has a smile on their face!
  • Favorite Firework: My favorite fireworks are the ones that make your heart throb from the loud explosion!  I also enjoy watching the fireworks that fall through the sky like a weeping willow tree.

Brooke Keyes, Junior (Mission Viejo, Calif.)

  • Favorite Memory: Sometimes on the fourth we would take our sailboat out and watch the fireworks.
  • Favorite Firework: The ones that look like willow trees!

Jenna Goblirsch, Senior (Elizabethtown, Ky.)

  • Favorite Memory: Going to Rough River for the weekend with family and friends and soaking up the sun, getting a nice pink burn, and relaxing for a couple of days.
  • Favorite Firework: The one where it sprinkles down like a shower. I don't know names of fireworks.

Stuart Pope, Freshman (Fayetteville, Ga.)

  • Favorite Memory: My favorite Fourth of July memory was being on a boat at the lake while watching the fireworks.
  • Favorite Firework: My favorite firework is the white one that fizzles in the sky during the show.

Arin Gilliland, Freshman (Lexington, Ky.)

  • Favorite Memory: When I was little my dad and uncle and I shot off fireworks and it miss fired and it caught our neighbors' yard on fire.
  • Favorite Firework: Pop-itz (the ones you throw at peoples' feet)

Jon Lipsitz, Head Coach

  • Favorite Memory: Swimming with family and cannonball contests.
  • Favorite Firework: The loudest ones that go boom.