Mo Mitchell Live Chat Archive : We would like to welcome head coach Mo Mitchell for taking time out of his day for a live chat as the Cats prepare for the annual Blue-White Meet tomorrow. Thanks for joining us!
Mo Mitchell : It is my pleasure. I am looking forward to answering all of your questions.

John : What is the greatest moment of your coaching career at UK?
Mo Mitchell : I hope the greatest moment of my coaching career at UK is yet to come, but to date it would probably be the day I was named head coach.

Katfan#1 : Besides the incoming freshmen, who seems to be ready to continue where they left off out of your returnees?
Mo Mitchell : I don't want to sound too political but the team has taken on a new attitude. All of the returners are fired up to make history for UK gymnastics. It is exciting to be around them. They really want to win.

Sally : I always look forward to seeing which leotards the team will be wearing and my favorite is the one with the poinsettias across the top, will you pull that leotard out of the closest this year?
Mo Mitchell : Well I don't pick the leo's, I allow my assistant to do that. However i am glad to say that leo has been retired.

HootyHoo : Who is your favorite former UK gymnast?
Mo Mitchell : It is hard to say. I love them all. I have learned lessons from each and everyone of them. To sum it up, they all have played a role in making me a better coach.

Susan : What do you expect to see this season from your incoming freshman?
Mo Mitchell : I think we will see some strong vaults, a couple of bar routines, phenomenal beam and sensational floor routines. They are anxious and excited at the same time.

lynn : what time does it start?
Mo Mitchell : We start our season tommorrow (Saturday) with the Blue White meet at 2:00 but typically our meets will start at 7:00PM on Friday nights.

Wildest One : What away meet is the team most looking forward to this season?
Mo Mitchell : Probably Texas Womens and Centenary because it will be warm and they get to visit with their former teammates Rachel Riley and Krystle Cook. It should be fun. It is also over spring break.

Melanie : What is going to be our strengths for this upcoming season?
Mo Mitchell : I really think that our team is going to be pretty balanced, however I think the Floor-X is going to be the event that keeps the fans coming back and out of their seats and on their feet.

Looking for Mo-Mentum : Do you prefer having all-arounders who compete in every event or would you rather have several gymnasts who specialize in one or two events?
Mo Mitchell : In all honesty, I would rather have gymnast that specializes in 2 or 3 events because that would give all the athletes the chance to contribute and also it would allow each specialist more time in practice to perfect their 2 or 3 events instead of concentrating on all 4. Don't get me wrong though, I love my All-Arounders.

Elaine : Is it true that you are taking flying lessons?
Mo Mitchell : Yes, I really enjoy it. I would someday like to own my own plane.

casey : hi
Mo Mitchell : Hi, thanks for logging on. GO CATS!!!

Gym Fan 1 : Coach, What are your expectations for the upcoming season? Do you think any of the freshmen could contribute? Thanks!
Mo Mitchell : We expect to have a winning season and compete at nationals as a team. I think our freshman are going to make a enormous impact on the team in all 4 events.

Brooks Divine : How do you feel about this year's team?
Mo Mitchell : I feel great!! This team is really special. We have outstanding leadership and team continuity. Our captains Crissy Cannon and Heather Hite compliment each other extremely well.

Dave : What kind of goals do you set for each individual, and the team as a whole?
Mo Mitchell : I set their goals with them becuase I have realized if it is my goal and not theirs as well, then it becomes a battle of wills; therefore we set routine goals and as far as a team, our goals are always to make it to nationals as a team and do well when we get there.

Kate : What is a normal practice like in preparing for a meet?
Mo Mitchell : Well in preparation for a meet we generally run through our routines the day before, placing emphasis on form and technique. The learning process is over and the polish process continues.

Jodi : What is the most thrilling thing for a coach to see one of his athletes accomplish?
Mo Mitchell : Competing successfully a skill or routine that they have worked on for so long.

Jackie from Georgetown : What do you like most about Excite Night?
Mo Mitchell : The crowd. The fans in Kentucky are arguably the best in the world : That's all the time we have for today. Thanks for joining us today, Mo. Our next chat with Coach Mo Mitchell will take place Fri. Jan. 11 at 1 p.m. EST prior to Excite Night.
Mo Mitchell : I want to thank all of you that took the time out of your day to ask questions and your support to UK and the gymnastics program. I hope to see all of you tommorrow at the Blue White scrimmage. Go Cats!! and I look forward to our next opportunity to Chat... thank you... MO