Coach Garrison Updates Fans on UK Gymnastics Practice

Nov. 22, 2011

Big Blue Nation,

We are deep into our preparation phase at this point and are making steady progress.  We still have a lot of work to do before I will consider us competition ready, but the team is working hard to achieve our training plan goals.  We have placed a great deal of importance on several areas that will be critical to our future success.  Those areas include strength and conditioning, fitness and composing routines that will allow us to consistently execute with a high level of success.  In short, we want to be lean, strong and confident.  

I am very proud of our athletes.  We have expected a great deal of them and they have come to the gym with a positive attitude and ready to work.  I think they are now at the point where they are seeing the early results from their sacrifices.  I also think they are hungry for the success that they will deserve as a product of their continued commitment to their goals.

Our recent Intra-Squad was another important step in our preparation for season.  Simulating a competitive environment allows our athletes to experience the pressure that is present during competition.  This is the point where the mental stress can impact the physical performance.  As we begin to cycle our physical preparation, we will focus more on the mental aspect.  

Here are a few routines from our intra-squad.  We still need more depth, but I was encouraged by what I saw.  I expect the athletes that are not quite making lineups at this point to continue to improve and earn those spots.  In addition to that, senior Whitney Rose is ahead of schedule in her return to activity and I see her coming back to lead this team along with her co-captain Storey Morris.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Go Cats,
Coach Garrison

Storey Morris - Vault

Holly Cunningham - Vault

Storey Morris - Bars

Caitlyn Ciokajlo - Bars

Kayla Sienkowski - Beam

Holly Cunningham - Beam

Alexis Gross - Floor