Gymnastics Journal - Lindsay Cameron

Mar. 3, 2005

Well the season is flying by. It seems like yesterday we were just preparing for Excite Nite and now our last home meet is coming up. It?s been a good season so far, full of ups and downs, but we have taken each opportunity to work on the little things and make ourselves a better team.

We are ranked 16th right now, and we plan on going up from here. Our competitions have shown us alot about our team?s potential and I know that this year?s UK gymnasts have the ability to show the nation what we are made of.

We have been working hard in the gym, focusing on the things that will allow us to gain every tenth possible to boost our scores. The judging is tighter this year, so we have to really watch out for the little things. One thing that is helping us to reach our goals is our ?I WILL? statements. Every day before a meet we write down one or two things that we will commit to doing in order to help our team be victorious. We then exchange our papers with a teammate who will keep us accountable to our statements. The coaches are stressing to us how important our commitments are, and we are striving hard to accomplish what we have set out to do.

We now approach our last home meet (Senior Night), and the end of the season is growing near. We have posted some great scores to help us qualify for Regionals and we hope to post four more to increase our chances. As the season begins to come to a close, we are working hard to encourage our teammates to work their hardest and make every practice like a meet. We have seen a glimpse of what our true potential is, and we know that this team deserves success. Each one of us has put in countless hours preparing for the season and we will take it the extra mile to finish it out with a BANG!

We thank the fans for their support, and we hope to see you all Friday night at 7:30 p.m. to say farewell to the seniors!

Lindsay Cameron Senior