Coach Mo Mitchell Live Chat Archive

Mark : How healthy is the team?
Mo Mitchell : Not as healthy as I would like, but not at the level that I should complain. I know other squads that are in far worse shape than we are. We only have one athlete that won't be able to compete this year.

Sean in Orlando : Hey Mo! How important is this meet in setting the tone for the rest of the season?
Mo Mitchell : I think it is very important for a number of reasons. First, it sets the attitude of the team along with their confidence. Second, it gives us a little insight as to how we stack up with the other teams in the SEC. And third, it gives our freshmen a chance to perform in front of a big crowd. Hope you are enjoying your new job in Orlando and we miss you.

GymNation : How do you think your ring line-up is looking for Excite Nite?
Mo Mitchell : Well, since it is not a quad meet and only two teams we won't be confused with a 3 ring circus so we are holding off on that line up. Thanks Patrick.

Samantha : What is your favorite event to coach/watch?
Mo Mitchell : My favorite event to coach is bars and my favorite event to watch is floor.

Rita : What are your goals for the team on Saturday? What will we have to do to defeat Auburn?
Mo Mitchell : Our primary goal is to go 24 for 24. To beat Auburn we have to have solid performances and stuck landings.

Iam4UK : I can't wait to come to my first Excite Night on Saturday. As a first time fan, what should I be most excited about?
Mo Mitchell : The atmosphere and the gymnastics. You will get to see two great teams battle it out. The energy level will be high and the level of gymnastics will be amazing.

BigBluFan : What event is this team going to put up the best scores?
Mo Mitchell : I truly hope it is a tie for all four. But on a serious note probably floor. We seem to have the most depth and difficulty on that event.

Kathy : what events do you think Andrea Mitchell will compete at Excite night vs Auburn?
Mo Mitchell : I think she will be ready for Vault, but she is not far from the other 3 events. We will have to wait and see.

Tyler : Coach Mitchell, How well do you think the team will compete in the tough SEC schedule this season?
Mo Mitchell : I thing the team will perform rather well. They are excited for the season and ready to make an impact.

Wildcat Fan : Coach, what are your thoughts on the upcoming season? Do you have any newcomers that will make an immediate impact?
Mo Mitchell : We are looking forward to an exciting season. I expect all of my newcomers to make an immediate impact. Colleen Willams on bars, Phylicia Reshard on vault and bars, Andrea Mitchell in the all around and Madison Snowden on beam and floor. : Thanks to Coach Mitchell for answering questions today. Don't forget - Excite Night tomorrow at 5:45 pm in Memorial Coliseum.
Mo Mitchell : Thanks for all the questions and I look forward to seeing everyone at excite night... Go BIG BLUE...