Andrea Mitchell Leads Wildcats to Senior Night Victory

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LEXINGTON, Ky. - Behind one of the best all-around scores in school history from senior Andrea Mitchell, the 26th-ranked University of Kentucky gymnastics team posted a season-high score of 195.650 to defeat George Washington (194.100) and Bowling Green (193.800) in its home finale Friday night at Memorial Coliseum.

Kentucky (6-8, 1-5 Southeastern Conference) had an event medalist on each event, including Mitchell who took home event honors on uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise en route to her second all-around title of the year. The native of Knoxville, Tenn., posted a career high 39.550 in the all-around competition, which is believed to be the highest all-around score for Kentucky since All-American Jenny Hansen scored a 39.7 in 1996.

Seniors Colleen Williams and Phylicia Reshard started off the night strong for Kentucky, winning event honors on vault with each gymnast posting a 9.85. Mitchell and junior Storey Morris followed by each notching career high 9.9s on bars to grab medalist honors. Mitchell took over for Kentucky from there, scoring a 9.875 to win the beam title and then her second 9.95 on floor this season to grab the floor title.

As a team, Kentucky defeated George Washington and Bowling Green on three events. UK used a season-high bar score of 49.325 to win on bars, tying the highest team bars score in school history. UK also defeated GW and BGSU on vault with a score of 49.05 and beam with a season-best mark of 48.875. In all, Kentucky set or tied 11 season highs and nine career highs during the meet.

The Wildcats started the night on vault, scoring a 49.05. UK was led by Williams and Resahrd, who each scored a 9.85, with Williams' high mark tying a career high. Mitchell and senior Jasmine Minion scored a 9.825 followed by freshman Audrey Harrison's 9.7 in her first collegiate vault.

Kentucky continued its dominance on bars, earning a 49.325 to tie the highest team bars score in school history. The 1996 team also earned a 49.325 on March 1, 1996 against Florida. UK was led on the event by Morris and Mitchell, who each posted a career-best score of 9.9. Sophomore Caitlyn Ciokajlo showed her consistency on the event by tying a career high 9.875, while Reshard scored a 9.825. Freshman Brittany Canfield, who was competing in the bar lineup for only the second time this season earned a career best 9.825, while Williams grabbed a season-high 9.8.

Beam again was strong for UK, with the Wildcats earning a season-high beam score for the third consecutive meet with a 48.875. Mitchell once again led Kentucky, tying a career high with a 9.875, while Morris scored a season high 9.800 and Minion a career best 9.775. Harrison continued to show consistency and improvement on the event with a 9.725, while Reshard led Kentucky off with a solid 9.700.

Kentucky ended the meet on floor, getting another remarkable performance from Mitchell, who scored her second 9.950 of the year. Reshard followed Mitchell with a 9.850, while Harrison earned a career best 9.800. Minion scored a 9.850, however stepped out of bounds on her fist tumbling pass to lower her average to 9.750. Freshman Kayla Sienkowski concludes the floor scoring with a 9.050.

Mitchell earned her second all-around title of the season and the fourth of her career with an impressive score of 39.550. Reshard finished second with a 39.225, while George Washington's Leslie Delima was third with a 39.000.

The Wildcats will be back in action next weekend when it travels east to face William and Mary in Williamsburg, Va., on Friday at 7 p.m. ET before facing Maryland at College Park, Md., on Sunday at 2 p.m. ET.

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Team Results
1) UK 195.650; 2) GW 194.100; 3) BGSU 193.800

VAULT Results
1) Colleen Williams (UK) 9.850, Phylicia Reshard (UK) 9.850, Danielle Wishart (BGSU) 9.850; 4) Andrea Mitchell (UK) 9.825, Jasmine Minion (UK) 9.825, Sunny Marchand (BGSU) 9.825; 7) Dawn Christman (BGSU) 9.775; 8) Audrey Harrison (UK) 9.700, Leslie Delima (GW) 9.700, Amanda Murphy (GW) 9.700; 11) Kayla Carto (GW) 9.675; 12) Betsy Zander (GW) 9.650; 13) Megan Valentini (BGSU) 9.625; 14) Taylor Henderson (GW) 9.600; 15) Amber Brewer (BGSU) 9.550; 16) Kiera Kenney (GW) 9.125; 17) Kasey Fillmore (BGSU) 8.950

BARS Results
1) Storey Morris (UK) 9.900, Andrea Mitchell (UK) 9.900; 3) Caitlyn Ciokajlo (UK) 9.875; 4) Kiera Kenney (GW) 9.850; 5) Phylicia Reshard (UK) 9.825, Brittany Canfield (UK) 9.825, Amber Brewer (BGSU) 9.825; 8) Colleen Williams (UK) 9.800; 9) Kayla Carto (GW) 9.750; 10) Kasey Fillmore (BGSU) 9.725; 11) Monica Eaton (BGSU) 9.700; 12) Taylor Henderson (GW) 9.675; 13) Leslie Delima (GW) 9.650; 14) Lindsay Koch (BGSU) 9.550, Brittany Burnham (GW) 9.550; 16) Sunny Marchand (BGSU) 9.425; 17) Megan Harrington (BGSU) 9.400; 18) Betsy Zander (GW) 8.975

BEAM Results
1) Andrea Mitchell (UK) 9.875; 2) Storey Morris (UK) 9.800, Leslie Delima (GW) 9.800; 4) Jasmine Minion (UK) 9.775; 5) Danielle Wishart (BGSU) 9.750; 6) Audrey Harrison (UK) 9.725, Betsy Zander (GW) 9.725; 8) Phylicia Reshard (UK) 9.700; 9) Megan Harrington (BGSU) 9.675, Kayla Carto (GW) 9.675; 11) Kiera Kenney (GW) 9.650, Brittany Burnham (GW) 9.650; 13) Dawn Christman (BGSU) 9.600; 14) Caitlyn Ciokajlo (UK) 9.575; 15) Monique Blount (GW) 9.550; 16) Monica Eaton (BGSU) 9.500; 17) Kasey Fillmore (BGSU) 9.425; 18) Megan Valentini (BGSU) 8.325

FLOOR Results
1) Andrea Mitchell (UK) 9.950; 2) Phylicia Reshard (UK) 9.850, Danielle Wishart (BGSU) 9.850, Leslie Delima (GW) 9.850; 5) Audrey Harrison (UK) 9.800, Megan Valentini (BGSU) 9.800, Dawn Christman (BGSU) 9.800; 8) Megan Harrington (BGSU) 9.775, Sunny Marchand (BGSU) 9.775, Kayla Carto (GW) 9.775; 11) Jasmine Minion (UK) 9.750, Amanda Murphy (GW) 9.750; 13) Taylor Henderson (GW) 9.725; 14) Stephanie Stoicovy (GW) 9.700; 15) Kasey Fillmore (BGSU) 9.525; 16) Betsy Zander (GW) 9.500; 17) Kayla Sienkowski (UK) 9.050

All-Around Results
1) Andrea Mitchell (UK) 39.550; 2) Phylicia Reshard (UK) 39.225; 3) Leslie Delima (GW) 39.000; 4) Kayla Carto (GW) 38.875; 5) Betsy Zander (GW) 37.850; 6) Kasey Fillmore (BGSU) 37.625

UK:  VAULT: 49.050, BARS: 49.325, BEAM: 48.875, FLOOR: 48.400
VAULT: Colleen Williams 9.850, Phylicia Reshard 9.850, Andrea Mitchell 9.825, Jasmine Minion 9.825, Audrey Harrison 9.700
BARS: Storey Morris 9.900, Andrea Mitchell 9.900, Caitlyn Ciokajlo 9.875, Phylicia Reshard 9.825, Brittany Canfield 9.825, Colleen Williams 9.800
BEAM: Andrea Mitchell 9.875, Storey Morris 9.800, Jasmine Minion 9.775, Audrey Harrison 9.725, Phylicia Reshard 9.700, Caitlyn Ciokajlo 9.575
FLOOR: Andrea Mitchell 9.950, Phylicia Reshard 9.850, Audrey Harrison 9.800, Jasmine Minion 9.750, Kayla Sienkowski 9.050
All-Around: Andrea Mitchell 39.550, Phylicia Reshard 39.225