UK Grabs Highest Vault Score in School History in Loss to No. 14 Ohio State

Feb. 20, 2011

LEXINGTON, Ky. - The University of Kentucky gymnastics team scored a school-record vault score of 49.4 and a season-high team score of 195.05 but fell in a tight meet to the 14th-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes at St. John Arena in Columbus, Ohio on Sunday afternoon.

"We have shown improvement on vault in every meet this season and today I think we finally showed what we are really capable of," UK assistant coach Chuck Dickerson said. "We stuck landings today, that's what it boils down to. I'm happy that this group was able to break the school record, they have worked really hard to improve."

Kentucky (2-6, 0-5 Southeastern Conference) scored an impressive 49.4 on vault to earn the highest mark in school history. The score surpassed the previous school record of 49.325, which has been posted twice in school history with the last score coming Jan. 31, 2003 against BYU.

UK won the team title on vault, taking home the top five scores on the event. Senior Phylicia Reshard paced the Wildcats with a career best 9.95, becoming only the sixth gymnasts in school annuals to post a 9.5 or higher on the event and the first since Emily Green did it in 2009. Reshard, who took home event honors, was followed by senior Jasmine Minion and junior Whitney Rose, who each scored 9.875. Seniors Andrea Mitchell and Colleen Williams were equally impressive on vault with both earning a 9.85. Williams' mark was a career best, while Mitchell's was a season best and tied a career high.

Kentucky also defeated Ohio State on uneven bars, earning a 48.775. Three Wildcats notched or matched their career highs on the event, including junior Storey Morris, who took home event honors. Morris and Rose scored the best two marks on the event with Morris grabbing a season high 9.825 and Rose a season high 9.8. Reshard was first on the event for UK, posting her second consecutive 9.775, which ties a career high. Mitchell and Williams were also strong for UK on bars, posting a 9.725 and 9.650, respectively.

Floor continued to be good for Kentucky as the Wildcats scored a 48.9 on the event. Mitchell led the UK charge, posting a 9.875, while Rose earned a 9.825. Freshman Audrey Harrison scored a career high on floor with a 9.775, followed by Reshard's 9.725 and Minion's 9.7.

The Wildcats concluded the meet on beam, gathering a 47.975. Reshard and Minion paced the Wildcats on the event with each gymnasts scoring a 9.75, while Harrison wasn't too far behind with a 9.65. Mitchell and Ciokajlo wrap up the UK scoring with Mitchell notching a 9.5 and 9.325, respectively.

Ohio State's Colleen Dean took home the all-around title with a 39.325, while Reshard finished second with a 39.2 and Mitchell third with a 38.95.

Kentucky will be back in action Friday in its final Southeastern Conference meet of the season, hosting No. 21 LSU at 7 p.m. ET in Memorial Coliseum. After the meet with the Tigers, the Wildcats will travel to Lincoln, Neb., for a four-team meet with No. 10 Nebraska, No. 20 Iowa and Bowling Green.

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Team Results
1) OSU 195.825; 2) UK 195.050

VAULT Results
1) Phylicia Reshard (UK) 9.950; 2) Jasmine Minion (UK) 9.875, Whitney Rose (UK) 9.875; 4) Andrea Mitchell (UK) 9.850, Colleen Williams (UK) 9.850; 6) Colleen Dean (OSU) 9.825, Taylor Jones (OSU) 9.825, Sarah Miller (OSU) 9.825; 9) Casey Williamson (OSU) 9.800; 10) Melanie Shaffer (OSU) 9.775; 11) Nicole Krauter (OSU) 9.700

BARS Results
1) Alex DeLuca (OSU) 9.825, Storey Morris (UK) 9.825; 3) Colleen Dean (OSU) 9.800, Whitney Rose (UK) 9.800; 5) Phylicia Reshard (UK) 9.775; 6) Melanie Shaffer (OSU) 9.725, Casey Williamson (OSU) 9.725, Andrea Mitchell (UK) 9.725; 9) Colleen Williams (UK) 9.650; 10) Nicole Krauter (OSU) 9.600; 11) Taylor Jones (OSU) 9.175; 12) Caitlyn Ciokajlo (UK) 9.150

BEAM Results
1) Rebecca Best (OSU) 9.850, Nicole Krauter (OSU) 9.850; 3) Colleen Dean (OSU) 9.800, Sarah Miller (OSU) 9.800; 5) Jasmine Minion (UK) 9.750, Phylicia Reshard (UK) 9.750; 7) Audrey Harrison (UK) 9.650; 8) Alex DeLuca (OSU) 9.550; 9) Andrea Mitchell (UK) 9.500; 10) Caitlyn Ciokajlo (UK) 9.325; 11) Melanie Shaffer (OSU) 9.150; 12) Storey Morris (UK) 9.125

FLOOR Results
1) Sarah Miller (OSU) 9.925; 2) Colleen Dean (OSU) 9.900; 3) Andrea Mitchell (UK) 9.875; 4) Melanie Shaffer (OSU) 9.850; 5) Whitney Rose (UK) 9.825; 6) Taylor Jones (OSU) 9.800; 7) Alex DeLuca (OSU) 9.775, Audrey Harrison (UK) 9.775; 9) Casey Williamson (OSU) 9.750; 10) Phylicia Reshard (UK) 9.725; 11) Jasmine Minion (UK) 9.700; 12) Kayla Sienkowski (UK) 9.125

All-Around Results
1) Colleen Dean (OSU) 39.325; 2) Phylicia Reshard (UK) 39.200; 3) Andrea Mitchell (UK) 38.950; 4) Melanie Shaffer (OSU) 38.500

UK:  VAULT: 49.400, BARS: 48.775, BEAM: 47.975, FLOOR: 48.900
VAULT: Phylicia Reshard 9.950, Jasmine Minion 9.875, Whitney Rose 9.875, Andrea Mitchell 9.850, Colleen Williams 9.850
BARS: Storey Morris 9.825, Whitney Rose 9.800, Phylicia Reshard 9.775, Andrea Mitchell 9.725, Colleen Williams 9.650, Caitlyn Ciokajlo 9.150
BEAM: Jasmine Minion 9.750, Phylicia Reshard 9.750, Audrey Harrison 9.650, Andrea Mitchell 9.500, Caitlyn Ciokajlo 9.325, Storey Morris 9.125
FLOOR: Andrea Mitchell 9.875, Whitney Rose 9.825, Audrey Harrison 9.775, Phylicia Reshard 9.725, Jasmine Minion 9.700, Kayla Sienkowski 9.125
All-Around: Phylicia Reshard 39.200, Andrea Mitchell 38.950