Kentucky Falls Short in Upset Bid at No. 22 Auburn

Feb. 4, 2011

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Senior Andrea Mitchell took home the all-around title with a career-high score of 39.275 and the University of Kentucky gymnastics team posted season-high marks on balance beam and vault, but fell short in an upset bid at No. 22 Auburn 194.625-194.450 on Saturday.

Mitchell was spectacular for the Wildcats, scoring season highs on vault, uneven bars and beam to post a career-high score in the all-around. The native of Knoxville, Tenn., started the night by setting a season high on bars with a 9.825 on her way to event honors on the event and followed that performance by tying a season high on vault with a 9.8. The senior then scored a solid score on floor of 9.775 before carding her highest score of the night on beam with a career high 9.875. Mitchell won event honors on bars and beam, while claiming her fourth career all-around title.

“Andrea was amazing tonight,” UK assistant coach Heather Hite said. “For her to come on the road and post an all-around score that high is incredible and an indication of just how hard she has been working. With Phylicia (Reshard) winning the all-around last week and Andrea winning it this week we are showing that Kentucky has some of the best gymnasts in the nation. That is a huge step for this program.”

Kentucky (2-4, 0-4 Southeastern Conference) defeated Auburn (2-4, 2-2 SEC) on vault with a season-high team score of 49.2, while taking home individual honors on vault, bars and beam. UK started the night on bars, scoring a 48.0. Mitchell led Kentucky with a 9.825, taking home event honors, followed by junior Storey Morris’ 9.75. Fellow junior Whitney Rose posted a 9.675, while senior Phylicia Reshard gathered a 9.475 and sophomore Cailtyn Ciokajlo notched a 9.275.

UK had its best night of the season on vault, posting a 49.2 to Auburn’s 48.8. Senior Jasmine Minion led UK with a career high 9.925, to take home event honors, while Reshard scored a 9.85 and Rose a 9.825. Mitchell and senior Colleen Williams followed with each scoring 9.8. Williams mark was a season high and tied a career best.

Three Wildcats scored a season-high on beam, including Mitchell’s career high of 9.875 and freshman Audrey Harrisons’ career high 9.775. Mitchell’s score was good for her first career title on beam, whiel Minion scored a season high on the event with a 9.725. Ciokajlo and Morris posted 9.5s.

Kentucky continued to perform well on floor, carding a team score of 48.875. Reshard led UK on floor with a 9.85, while Minion and Mitchell scored a 9.775. Rose followed with a solid 9.75, while Harrison notched a 9.725.

Mitchell took home her fourth career all-around title, while Reshard finished second with a 38.325. Auburn’s Petrina Yokay finished third in the all-around with a 37.85.

Kentucky will have two weeks until its next meet with No. 6 Alabama on Feb. 18. UK will have a total of four meets in 10 days, starting with the showdown with the Tide. UK then travels to Columbus, Ohio, for a dual meet with No. 16 Ohio State on Feb. 20, before coming back home to Lexington on Feb. 25 to face No. 24 LSU. Kentucky finishes the road trip by heading west to face No. 10 Nebraska, No. 23 Iowa and Bowling Green in Lincoln, Neb., on Feb. 27.

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Team Results
1) AUBURN 194.625
2) UK 194.450

VAULT Results
1) Jasmine Minion (UK) 9.925
2) Phylicia Reshard (UK) 9.850
3) Whitney Rose (UK) 9.825
4) Toi Garcia (AUBURN) 9.800, Andrea Mitchell (UK) 9.800, Colleen Williams (UK) 9.800
7) Justine Foster (AUBURN) 9.775, Kylie Shields (AUBURN) 9.775
9) Lauren Brzostowski (AUBURN) 9.750
10) Allyson Sandusky (AUBURN) 9.700
11) Petrina Yokay (AUBURN) 9.675

BARS Results
1) Andrea Mitchell (UK) 9.825
2) Kylie Shields (AUBURN) 9.800
3) Storey Morris (UK) 9.750
4) Leah Vining (AUBURN) 9.725
5) Toi Garcia (AUBURN) 9.675, Whitney Rose (UK) 9.675
7) Allyson Sandusky (AUBURN) 9.600
8) Phylicia Reshard (UK) 9.475
9) Petrina Yokay (AUBURN) 9.300
10) Caitlyn Ciokajlo (UK) 9.275
11) Kendall Swartz (AUBURN) 9.200
12) Colleen Williams (UK) 8.600

BEAM Results
1) Andrea Mitchell (UK) 9.875
2) Kylie Shields (AUBURN) 9.825
3) Rachel Inniss (AUBURN) 9.800
4) Abbey Habicht (AUBURN) 9.775, Audrey Harrison (UK) 9.775
6) Jasmine Minion (UK) 9.725
7) Lauren Brzostowski (AUBURN) 9.650, Allyson Sandusky (AUBURN) 9.650
9) Caitlyn Ciokajlo (UK) 9.500, Storey Morris (UK) 9.500
11) Phylicia Reshard (UK) 9.150
12) Petrina Yokay (AUBURN) 9.100

FLOOR Results
1) Rachel Inniss (AUBURN) 9.900
2) Toi Garcia (AUBURN) 9.850, Phylicia Reshard (UK) 9.850
4) Laura Lane (AUBURN) 9.800
5) Petrina Yokay (AUBURN) 9.775, Jasmine Minion (UK) 9.775, Andrea Mitchell (UK) 9.775
8) Whitney Rose (UK) 9.750
9) Audrey Harrison (UK) 9.725
10) Lauren Brzostowski (AUBURN) 9.700
11) Justine Foster (AUBURN) 9.300

 All-Around Results
1) Andrea Mitchell (UK) 39.275
2) Phylicia Reshard (UK) 38.325
3) Petrina Yokay (AUBURN) 37.850

UK:  VAULT: 49.200, BARS: 48.000, BEAM: 48.375, FLOOR: 48.875
VAULT: Jasmine Minion 9.925, Phylicia Reshard 9.850, Whitney Rose 9.825, Andrea Mitchell 9.800, Colleen Williams 9.800
BARS: Andrea Mitchell 9.825, Storey Morris 9.750, Whitney Rose 9.675, Phylicia Reshard 9.475, Caitlyn Ciokajlo 9.275, Colleen Williams 8.600
BEAM: Andrea Mitchell 9.875, Audrey Harrison 9.775, Jasmine Minion 9.725, Caitlyn Ciokajlo 9.500, Storey Morris 9.500, Phylicia Reshard 9.150
FLOOR: Phylicia Reshard 9.850, Jasmine Minion 9.775, Andrea Mitchell 9.775, Whitney Rose 9.750, Audrey Harrison 9.725
All-Around: Andrea Mitchell 39.275, Phylicia Reshard 38.325