21 Questions with A'dia Mathies

Dec. 7, 2009

UKathletics.com will feature UK Hoops' three freshmen - Anna Cole , Brittany Henderson and A'dia Mathies. This week we sat down with 5-9 guard A'dia Mathies, of Louisville, Ky., for 21 Questions.

1. Hometown?

“Louisville, Ky.”

2. You come from a family of athletes. How has that helped you develop your skills?

“It's in our genes. My whole family is athletic and my dad taught me the game of basketball. He coached me very young and taught me what it takes to be a good player.”

3. How are classes going so far?

“They're good. I'm passing all of them.”

4. What is your major and what is your dream job?

“My major is marketing and I would say my dream job would be to own my own company.”

5. What is your favorite class so far and why?

“Communications because the professor is really interesting and the class teaches us how to observe people through and figure out why they do the things they do.”

6. What do you think of team's practices?

“They are very intense. We've been working really hard and have been getting a lot out of it. I'm excited and I hope all our hard work comes out in our games.”

7. What was your favorite part of Big Blue Madness?

“All the fans and how they were yelling and screaming for us. They were yelling so hard. It was awesome.”

8. How did it feel to put on the UK jersey for the first time?

“It felt good and I felt official. In the past I always had other people's old jerseys but now I feel I'm part of the team and the tradition and am happy to be a part of Kentucky.”

9. What most impresses you about Coach Mitchell?

“His sense of humor. He's very funny except in practice when he is intense and working hard. But he always makes everyone laugh.”

10. Talk about your position coach Kyra Elzy and what impresses you most about her?

“She's very intelligent and knows what she's talking about. She's intense and wants you to do things right. It makes you work harder and have more determination.”

11. What is your favorite shot on the court?

“Catching the ball at the top of the key or on the side, faking a pass or shot and then taking a jump shot.”

12. What made you choose Kentucky?

“The great fan base. You always have support as well as the great academic program and I know I'll be prepared for life after college. Also, I wanted to away from home but still be close enough to where my family can support me.”

13. What is your favorite part about UK?

“The sports and how there's always something going on around campus whether it be a cook off or some sort of gathering. I really like it because it keeps me busy.”

14. Which player has taken you under her wing and shown you the ropes?

“They all do. We are all like sisters and help each other. The older girls tell us what we should and shouldn't do. Everyone helps in their own way.”

15. We heard your nickname is “Silent Assassin.” What does it mean?

“My high school coach gave everyone a nickname and because I'm very quiet but would still go out and play hard, that's what he called me. Coach Elzy didn't know that before but she started calling me that, too.”

16. What are your thoughts about playing in the SEC?

“I think it is a great conference with tough opponents. It's not going to be easy but the competition makes you want to work harder because you know there is always another team working just as hard.”

17. Is there someone you try to emulate your game style after?

“Not any one player, but I really like Tracy McGrady and LeBron James.”

18. What was it like being named Miss Kentucky basketball?

“It was a blessing. It didn't come easy, I had to work really hard but it was truly a blessing.”

19. Is there a game this year you are most looking forward to?

“The Louisville game because a lot of my family is going to be there to support me.”

20. What is your favorite thing about the fans?

“They are so loud and make you want to be a part of the action. I love how they support every sport here at UK.”

21. What motto do you try to live by every day?

“I just want to continue to work hard for my family and continue to make the right choices in my life and make them proud.”