Eleia Roddy Live Chat Archive

  • Live chat took place Thursday, Nov. 18 at 3:30 p.m.

    Tyrone : Do you like signing autograph's after games or is at a headache?
    Eleia Roddy : Yes, I like signing. I like meeting all the fans.

    kookie : Have you always wore the number 1?
    Eleia Roddy : No, I started wearing it in AAU because my favorite NBA player is Tracy McGrady.

    ukhoopsfan : Who are your roomates? Do you all live together like the men's team? thanks and good luck.
    Eleia Roddy : Sam Mahoney, Chante' Bowman and Sarah Elliott. It's just us four in an apartment.

    kentuckybball : Who is the calmest and quietest on the team, who is the most talkative? Good luck!
    Eleia Roddy : The calmest and quietest is probably Sara Potts. The most talkative is Chante' Bowman.

    Ginny Kemmerer (sister's class : How close are you from being able to touch the rim and possibly dunk the ball?
    Eleia Roddy : I can grab the rim but I can't grip the ball to dunk it. But I'm working on it.

    Sam Kegley : Do you enjoy competing with this fabulous class of ladies?
    Eleia Roddy : Yes I do because they help bring out the best in me.

    E-money a.k.a. E-rod#1 : Miss Roddy, what do you find has been your biggest challenge this first year in college? (Ie; Academics, relationships, roommates, b-ball, etc...)
    Eleia Roddy : Hey E-rod#1. My biggest challenge has been academics. Basketball is very demanding and it takes up a lot of my time.

    Mom : Hey Punkin aka E-Rod, Just wanted to send you a shout out and tell you that I'm looking forward to seeing you play again this Friday.... And to tell you how much I love you. My question to you is: What's the hardest thing about being away from home?
    Eleia Roddy : The hardest thing about being away from home is not being able to get my hair done by Crystal and seeing you of course. Love you too!

    Aunt Jackie Davis : What has been your most challenging moment since you've joined the UK team?
    Eleia Roddy : The first day of weightlifting was the most challenging because I had never lifted in high school. It made me cry because it was so hard.

    Tammy Davis : Did you ever think that you would grow up to play basketball on the collegiate level? Now that you are, is there a desire/possibility that you will advance or pursue the WNBA?
    Eleia Roddy : No I didn't think I would ever play collegiate basketball. But now that I am here, I will definitely pursue the WNBA after my career here.

    Shawnne' : Lee-Lee, how are you adjusting to the college game? You worked this summer, do you think it paid off? -- Go Cats, see you on this weekend.
    Eleia Roddy : Hi Nae nae! I'm adjusting well. I'm excited about this upcoming weekend and the Virgin Islands next week.

    Aunt Kim Burley : Eleia, how do you balance your studies with the rigors of training?
    Eleia Roddy : Hi Aunt Kim! We have a requirement of 8 hours a week of study hall so I get most of my studying done there.

    Aunt Tracee : Hi Lela, Now that you're playing b-ball on the college level, what advice would you offer to the Senior high school young ladies who will be entering next year's Freshman Class playing b-ball?
    Eleia Roddy : Hi Aunt Tracee! Continue to work hard, stay in shape and work on your game so you can step right in and contribute right away.

    Tamarah Davis : When all else fails, what is your motivation to persevere and continue pressing forward in life?
    Eleia Roddy : Hi Tammy! God motivates me to continue pressing forward and is also my motivation to succeed because I want to be successful at UK and after college.

    Barb : was it hard for you to leave the Buckeye country and become a Wildcat?
    Eleia Roddy : Hi Barb. No, not at all. I was really looking forward to coming to Kentucky.

    Janet Elliott : What expectation do you have for yourself and UK Women basketball? Want to wish you best of luck.
    Eleia Roddy : I expect that I will take my game to the next level and help my team win. Thanks for your support.

    Theo : Is the team excited that some of your games are gonna be televised this year?
    Eleia Roddy : Yes we're excited that some of them will be televised. But we're working to get more nationally televised games. We hope to be on ESPN when March Madness comes around. :) We'll be on TV on Fox College Sports on Nov. 27 for our game against Rutgers in the Virgin Islands. I hope everyone watches.

    Shaniqua : Who's some of the player's on the team that you think can be in the WNBA one day?
    Eleia Roddy : I think all of us have the potential, but it just comes down to desire and will.

    Matthew : What made you choose Kentucky?
    Eleia Roddy : The whole coaching staff was great, it was away from home, and under Coach DeMoss' coaching, I can see myself going to the WNBA.

    Juju McCLurkin : Hi miss Roddy um what kind of jeans are those
    Eleia Roddy : Hi Juju! Come to Kentucky soon and see me play.

    Sacred Truth : Do you think you'll slam dunk in a game before your college career is over?
    Eleia Roddy : Yes I do because I use the jump rope my dad bought me. :)

    Prince Nobility : Would you rather play all of your games at Rupp Arena vs Memorial Coliseum
    Eleia Roddy : If we're guaranteed to have a packed-house at Rupp, I would like to play there. Otherwise, Memorial gives us a home-court advantage and the fans are really up close.

    adamspt2 : Eleia, I've been so impressed with you! I'm really glad you came to UK! How are you mentally preparing for tomorrow nights game?
    Eleia Roddy : Thanks. I'm mentally preparing for the game by watching scouting film with my teammates and writing what I hope to accomplish in the game. Also, I'm getting lots of sleep.

    Talonda Ingram : are you excited about attending the university of Kentucky. And do you think you can make a big difference to the team this year. After all you are a great player I seen you at a couple of games. And oh ya good luck this year.
    Eleia Roddy : Hi Talonda! I think I can make a big difference to the team this year. I think I can add depth and I am VERY excited about this season. Thank you for your support and I'll see you at the next game.

    Tim : First of all, I just want to say that I love the way you play the game. You rebound very well and run the floor like a guard. My question is, what kind of things do you do in preparing to become more of a scorer?
    Eleia Roddy : Thank you Tim. I spend extra time every practice shooting and I watch some of my practice film I had in high school with a trainer who helped develop my offensive moves.

    Craig Gibson (Columbus AFT) : When did you first realize that you were good at basketball and your skills could take you to a higher level?
    Eleia Roddy : When I started playing AAU with the Queen City Jaguars my sophomore year in high school. And when I started getting letters from Division I coaches.

    Derrick J. : What do you do before a game to get pumped up? What music gets you hype to win?
    Eleia Roddy : A friend turned me on to Crime Mobb - some crunk music. I just vibe before the game.

    Ne' (cousin) : What's the best thing about being a Lady Cat?
    Eleia Roddy : The best thing about being a Wildcat is the fan support, the community and the gear we get from Nike. :) Thanks!

    ukathletics.com : Eleia has to get going now but we thank her for joining us and to everyone who asked questions to the five freshmen over the past few weeks. We will have more live chats in the future.
    Eleia Roddy : Thanks everybody for your support. I just want to give a shout out to all those I didn't get to respond to, you know I love you. Make sure I see you Friday and Sunday at our season openers at Memorial Coliseum. God Bless!