Sam Mahoney Live Chat Archive

  • Live chat took place Friday, Nov. 12 at 3:30 p.m.

    Tyler : How does it feel to get a couple games under your belt?
    Sam Mahoney : I feel more comfortable now because I have a little experience but I know I still have a long way to go.

    Jules : Will the excitement of being in the virgin island's effect the team's play? Good luck & have fun!
    Sam Mahoney : No. We're there to win basketball games. But I hear that Coach DeMoss will let us have some fun if we play well.

    Kid Rocc : Since you and Chante are from Detroit were you two bitter rival's in high school? KEEP BEIN' HOT Sam
    Sam Mahoney : No. We actually never played against each other but we played on the same AAU team last summer.

    Christina Ware : What up Sam this is ya girl tina. Just Thought I would stop by and ask a quick question. How do you like UK and how do you like playin for them?
    Sam Mahoney : Hey Tina! What's up? I hope everything is OK with you. I'm having a great time here at UK. I love my teammates and my coaches. Give me a call when you get a chance.

    Your cousin Chip : How do you like UK so far and what role will you play this year?
    Sam Mahoney : Hey cousin Chip! I love UK. I'm playing point guard which is a change from what you saw me play in high school. But I'm adjusting well and hope to see you at some games.

    Roland Hepola : Hey, Sam! What are you most looking forward to in your first season at U.K. The Lord Bless You!
    Sam Mahoney : I'm looking forward to playing college basketball period - the crowds, the excitement, the travel and the competition.

    Banard : Growing up did you know anything about UK?
    Sam Mahoney : Actually no. I never really was a fan of any particular college team.

    Karl Finley (WB) : What's your goals for the up coming year, and by the time you graduate from the University of Kentucky? Take care.
    Sam Mahoney : Hey Karl. My goals are to come in and help the team the best I can and to be a part of turning this program around. Yes I received your card. Thank you so much and I'll keep in touch.

    Mike Moses : first of all i just want to say I have been a fan of your since we I was in high school.when you and Chante Bowman teams played in high school what happend?LOL
    Sam Mahoney : Hey Mike. Like I said before, we never played in high school. We only played against each other in one summer league game and she hurt me and you know the rest of the story. lol

    Kent State basketball player : I just want to know how do you Play so well and so hard and stay so cute at the same time, on and off the court?
    Sam Mahoney : Is this Dre? If so, what's up? I'm not going to answer this question. Good luck this season though.

    DP aka ponder : Cuz all i want to know is are you trying to score still our are you passing the ball and being like Mike Moses a great PG.Cause I like to see point cus thats what i do?get buckets.
    Sam Mahoney : Hey DP. I remember the talk we had before I left for college. Don't worry about it. I'm working on being a great PG just like Mike.

    janet Elliott : What motivates you do work hard every day at practice a thought or saying?
    Sam Mahoney : Well, my dad used to tell me that if I'm not working, someone else is. So I try to keep that in mind as the days go by.

    Mike Elliott : How do you like your roommates?
    Sam Mahoney : I love my roommates. We've kind of become sisters as we've adjusted to each other's unique living habits.

    kelly g. : Sam...Why did you choose to come UK? Thank you and good luck this season.
    Sam Mahoney : When I came on my visit, I just got a feeling that this was the right place for me, so I went with it. It was a mix of everything - the coaches, the players, the university and the community support for basketball.

    erodney lang : what is it like playing for a coach who allows you to be free with your ability but also put you in a situation to contribute right away
    Sam Mahoney : It's a great experience because it's every player's dream to be able to come in as a freshman and contribute to the team right away.

    Tyler - UK grad student : Clearly you had a ton of options of where to play- where else did you look and what made you choose Kentucky?
    Sam Mahoney : It came down to Michigan, Georgia Tech and Kentucky. Like I said before, I just had the right feeling about coming to Kentucky.

    Tim : I know that being a college athlete takes up so much time. What kinda things do u like to in your free time, away from basketball?
    Sam Mahoney : I'm pretty laid back. I like to relax, watch movies, go shopping and pretty much anything to get my mind off basketball so when I come back to basketball I'm ready to focus on it.

    MahoneyMom : What's your response when fans talk about how good this team is going to be in the future? What do feel about the present?
    Sam Mahoney : Hey mom! I believe in what the fans are talking about this team being good in the future because everyday we are making strides to become a great team. Right now, I feel that we are doing a lot of positive things that will carry us a long way into the future.

    marcus crenshaw/ deandre hayne : what up sam? I like the way you been ballin keep it up from dre. from cren what up i see you a freshmen doing your thang thats what iam talkin bout. Tell chante to keep her head up and keep workin hard
    Sam Mahoney : Thanks a lot Dre and Cren. Good luck to you guys this season too.

    Ms. White : Hi Sam, How different is college basketball from high school basketball?
    Sam Mahoney : Hey Ms. White. A big difference is how mentally prepared I have to be. Physically our bodies go through a lot more. The speed of the game is a lot different. See you at some games!

    moses 3/Cren : why do you wear the number 11? Is it good luck?
    Sam Mahoney : When I got to high school, I was the only freshman on the team and of course I got to pick my number last. It was the only thing left. It really grew on me in high school and has become my favorite number.

    Raindrop : When you go to the basket, do you get hit as hard as you have playing your Dad in the driveway?
    Sam Mahoney : When I was younger my dad used to push me around on the court and shoot in my face all day. Now that he's older, and has a few knee troubles, I don't think he can keep up with me anymore. ;)

    rabell : Think you will become a starter this season?
    Sam Mahoney : Right now I don't know. I think Coach DeMoss is doing what she feels is best for the team. Everyone is working hard so everyone is going to get playing time. So starting isn't really a priority for me as I gain more experience. : Thanks to Sam for joining us today. Next week will be our final live chat with the UK Hoops freshman class, as Eleia Roddy will be joining us.
    Sam Mahoney : Thanks for all the questions and all the support. Sorry I couldn't answer everyone's question. I hope to see you all at the games this season!