Sarah Elliott Live Chat Archive

  • Live chat took place Friday, Nov. 5 at 3:30 p.m.

    courtney : Whats the most Important thing to being a good basketball player?
    Sarah Elliott : Practice, practice, practice. It's not something that happens overnight. You have to get in the gym as much as you can and get shots up and work on practicing at the intensity you would play in a game.

    Joey : Hows the relationship between the mens & womens team, y'all good friends?
    Sarah Elliott : Yeah, we get along. It's like a big family. We're like brothers and sisters - we fight, we goof off and have fun together.

    Hunter : Hey Sarah, Who's the funniest member of the team?
    Sarah Elliott : I have to give a tie to Chante Bowman and Afton Perry.

    Tanner : Are you or the other players celebritys around campus?
    Sarah Elliott : I don't want to say that we're "celebrities" but people recognize us.

    Tyler : Hey Sarah. Do you think Kentucky has the potential to be a real competitor in the SEC this season?
    Sarah Elliott : Heck yeah. We work really hard everyday so we better be competitive.

    Matthew : Which WNBA player is your favorite? Also have you always wanted to be a wildcat?
    Sarah Elliott : Ruth Riley is my favorite. To answer your other question, I wasn't really even looking at UK until Coach DeMoss called me. I didn't really have a favorite college growing up. I rooted for the Celtics when Larry Bird was there.

    Lacy : Hey Big E! Just wanted to say that I love you girl! I know you are excited about the Virgin Islands!
    Sarah Elliott : Oh, I'm definitely excited about that trip. Can't wait to see ya!

    Kenton : Hello Sarah, I have a couple of questions. Were there any other colleges that you were considering, and why did you end up choosing UK? How do you think your size and obvious skill will help UK this season? And now a comment, I am excited and looking forward to seeing you in action on the court. GO CATS!
    Sarah Elliott : Other colleges were Notre Dame, Purdue and Tennessee. I chose UK because I knew right from the start of my visit here that it was the place for me. Considering my size, I pose matchup problems for other teams. It gives us an inside presence.

    barb : Do you think you will be able to make a contribution right away?
    Sarah Elliott : I sure hope so. I'm just trying to do what the coaches tell me in practice and in games.

    matthew : how do you deal with you height, when it comes to dating, do you like shorter guys than yourself
    Sarah Elliott : It doesn't bother me if the guy's shorter than me. I've always been taller than the guys so I'm used to it.

    Tim : Being a home town KY girl, do you feel added pressure to perform well this year?
    Sarah Elliott : No. I feel more pride than anything and hope to bring more people to the games.

    Justin Wagers : I hear you like soccer a lot? Didn't you used to play it when you were younger?
    Sarah Elliott : Yeah, I played soccer when I was real young. I enjoyed it like I enjoy all sports.

    UK Fan : It's good to see someone from E. KY playing for the Cats!! Congrats! Who do you think was your toughest opponent in E. KY during high school? A little different then college I'm sure, lol
    Sarah Elliott : As a team, it was Rockcastle County. We were big rivals.

    RocketFan : Just wondering why you didn't pick number 33 from your high school years? Also being a Rockcastle Rockets fan I want to say we are so glad you are gone. Now we have a better chance winning region. Seriously though, good luck up there. WE are all pulling for you down here in Mt. Vernon.
    Sarah Elliott : When I got here, another player had #33. But that player left and they already had my jersey number (4) ordered with my name on the back. I chose #4 because I thought it sounded like a better number. Thank you for your support.

    keith smith : What is the hardest and best defensive drill that Coach Demoss has you do?
    Sarah Elliott : It's a drill where we have to get as low as a chair and do defensive slides. If we rise above the chair line, everyone has to start over. I hurts a lot...

    kelly g : Sarah...what was the #1 reason for you choosing Kentucky?
    Sarah Elliott : The vision that Coach DeMoss and her coaching staff presented to me.

    Penny Whitehead : Do you have an official "hair braider" for your Lady Cat games?
    Sarah Elliott : Not yet. I'm still looking. :)

    Baller 44 : Of all the freshmen, who has stepped up and surprized you as a possible impact player? How do you see your role as a freshman on such a great team in the strongest conference in the NCAA? What are you looking forward to this season? opponent? experience?
    Sarah Elliott : Chante Bowman would have to be the biggest impact player. She gives it her all in practice and the games. I consider myself to be a big role because I'm one of the tallest players to come into Kentucky in a long time. Right now, I'm just looking forward to the start of the season and getting some experience under my belt.

    Adamspt2 : I bet you are glad to have the first game behind you. I was very impressed with all of you and thought you did a great job! DeMoss says the team needs to work on defense. What do you think you can work on specifically to better the defense?
    Sarah Elliott : Yeah, I do think we need to improve on our defense - knowing where the ball is and getting through screens.

    janet Elliott : After a good game Thursday night how do you focus for Friday Practice? Are you still excited about Thursday or ready for work to make you better? O Yes, good game. Mom is very happy.
    Sarah Elliott : Hi Mommy! :) It's really not that hard to focus in practice when Coach DeMoss is there telling you to get your butt down in defensive drills.

    Jolene Peters : Do you enjoy basketball or is it something you mom and dad pushed you into? and who is you favorite aunt?
    Sarah Elliott : My parents were always a big factor in me playing sports and I've never regretted a minute of it. I appreciate their support now. I love all my family members. They're my biggest supporters and one of the most important things in my life.

    cat fan : you have any brothers and/or sisters? If so, how many and are they tall like you?
    Sarah Elliott : I have a younger brother that's 17 and a junior in H.S. He's 6'8" and 240 lbs. He plays football and basketball. He's a very skilled athlete and very smart. I also have an older brother and sister that come and support me at games. : Thanks everyone for joining us today. Sarah has to get going. Next week's guest will be Sam Mahoney.
    Sarah Elliott : Thanks everybody for asking me questions. Sorry I couldn't get to answer all of them. I have to get back to lifting weights. Come support us at our next game Thursday night, 7 p.m.! :)