Sade Buley Live Chat Archive

  • Live chat took place Tuesday, Oct. 26 at 3:30 p.m. ET.

    Mike Moses#3 : whats good sade? You guys have 5 freshman, have yall ever talked about what if the 5 of yall started at some point of time in the season, like the Michigan great fab 5?
    Sade Buley : Yeah, that's what we call ourselves - the Fab Five. As far as starting at the same time, that will be up to Coach DeMoss as the season goes on.

    Tyler : How do you like Lexington and the Kentucky coaches?
    Sade Buley : I like Lexington a lot, almost better than my home town of Knoxville. The coaches are great too, especially Coach Mitchell. lol

    Fan : are you happy you chose UK?
    Sade Buley : Very happy. I chose UK because I wanted a new atmosphere and because of the great coaching staff and players.

    tim : whats your favorite song?
    Sade Buley : I have a lot of favorites, but what I'm listening to right now is Lil Wayne - The Carter.

    joe : who is your favorite person?
    Sade Buley : Well obviously it's Coach DeMoss. That's who I'm spending most of my time with these days. :)

    kelly gallagher : Sade...What is the biggest change from high school to college basketball?
    Sade Buley : The intensity level and the strength and conditioning is really tough. We didn't have that much in high school.

    Danny : Since you and Angela Phillips were two of the best high school players in Tennessee were you two friends or anything before you chose UK?
    Sade Buley : Yeah, I've known Angela since 6th grade. We beat their middle school team but her high school team beat us. Now it's good to be on the same team as her instead of competing against her.

    Todd : Does fan support really matter?
    Sade Buley : Yeah! Just one of the many reasons I chose Kentucky is the fan support here. It gets me pumped up to play in front of a large crowd.

    Barb : How do you think you will react when you get to play Tennessee in Knoxville in front of your family.
    Sade Buley : Tennessee had better be ready. I don't think I'll be nervous, I'll be ready to play.

    Matthew : Did you have pressure on you to commit to Tennessee? Also do you feel like you made the best decision?
    Sade Buley : Yes, I had a lot of pressure - everyone in Knoxville and my family was pressuring me to go to Tennessee. But with help from Angela Phillips and the coaching staff, I felt the best decision for me was to come to Kentucky and help them become a national power.

    Adamspt2 : Sade, we're really glad you're here at Kentucky - Welcome! Given that there are a lot of new faces on the team, how long do you think it will take for you all to really gel as a team?
    Sade Buley : We gelled in the summer. We played pickup games, conditioned, lifted, and had classes together. We're already really close.

    Tim : What player, male or female, has or does influence you the most?
    Sade Buley : I really like Tamika Catchings. She's a real hard worker and one day I met her at a Tennessee game and she gave me some of her wisdom.

    : Sade, I met you at the Tip-Off banquet. Just wanted to say I enjoyed your speech! ;-} We're all looking forward to the season. The nerves will settle down once you're playing.
    Sade Buley : Wait until you hear my speech next year. :)

    Cody : As a native of Knoxville, did you always imagine yourself playing for Pat Summitt?
    Sade Buley : Yes. When I was small I always wanted to be a Lady Vol. But since I got older, things have changed. I'm a Wildcat for life now.

    Steve : What are your expectations for yourself and the team this season?
    Sade Buley : I want to get us to the NCAA Tournament. But I can't do it by myself. I have the best teammates in the world that are going to help me.

    billy : What do you think is your best position?
    Sade Buley : Shooting guard. That's just my natural position. But I can play a one, two or three guard.

    Steve : Is the campus and atmosphere what you expected?
    Sade Buley : Yes. It's packed, the classes are far away from each other. But other than that, it's what I expected.

    Tom : What happens during a typical day for a player? What is the schedule like?
    Sade Buley : Sometimes we'll have a workout at 6 in the morning. Most days we'll have practice from 12 to 3. Weights after practice. Then I have a tutor at 4, 6 and 8:30 and class all in between. Plus, I have to get 8 hours of study hall at C.A.T.S. in a week. It's a lot, but it's all about time management.

    sue : How many family members and friends are coming for your first game?
    Sade Buley : The whole Buley family - about 20-25 people.

    jenny : Does the womens team live in a dorm together or are you spread out all over campus?
    Sade Buley : We live in some off campus apartments. Some of the seniors live on their own. Next year we will be moving into some brand new dorms.

    Ryan : What are some of your strong points? How will you make a contribution this year for another NCAA title? What are some things you need to work on?
    Sade Buley : Offense (scoring, ball-handling) is one of my strong points. One of the things I really really need to work on is my DEFENSE.

    Square Root : Hi pie I can't wait to see you in action this season are you nervous about your first game coming up in 9 days?
    Sade Buley : Hey Square Root. I am pretty nervous to play in my first collegiate game. I know once the game starts, I'll settle down.

    Josh : First off, thank you for choosing UK... Do you think the team being so young might affect us winning big games??
    Sade Buley : No. We're just going to go out and give it everything we have every game.

    Jeff : Who's going to be your all's first upset victim?
    Sade Buley : I hope we have many upset victims this year. I don't know who will be the first. : Thanks to Sade for joining us today. Next week's live chat guest will be Sarah Elliott.
    Sade Buley : I gotta bounce. Peace. Thank you so much for your support, see you at Memorial. Holla!