Chante Bowman Live Chat Archive

  • Chat took place Tuesday, October 19 at 3:30 p.m. ET.

    Tyler : what are you most looking forward to in your career at Kentucky?
    Chante Bowman : I'm looking forward to winning and getting better as a team and individually. Practice has just started and I'm having a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to the season.

    Alisa : Why did you choose Kentucky?
    Chante Bowman : I chose Kentucky because of all the coaches, especially Coach DeMoss and Coach Butts. They came to my house and I just felt their will to win.

    John J. in New Albany, IN : First of all, let me say Thank you for joining the UK Hoops. I believe that Mickie is truly going to build something special here. During the recruiting process, what other schools were you considering? And, what made you commit to UK! Go Big Blue
    Chante Bowman : Some of the other schools I was considering were Minnesota and Michigan State. Michigan and Kentucky were my top two and I chose UK.

    Patrick : do you think you all have a good chance to beat the ranked opponents this year in the SEC and what do you expect from the teams both you and the men have put together this year
    Chante Bowman : Of course we have a good chance. That's the name of the game - competition. We have a winning attitude and we feel like we can win every game. I expect that we will be better than last year and hopefully we'll win more games.

    indykevin : What college where you a fan of growing up? Don't lie!(wink wink)
    Chante Bowman : I'm from Michigan so I was a Michigan fan but now I'm a Kentucky fan.

    Marcus Stout : yo whats good. u aight. how is school goin and can u tell me how do u shoot that jump shot so well. Its just so amazing how u u follow through and how the ball goes swish through the nets. Can you also explain how you dribble the ball so well. What drills do you do and how often do you do them. It is so fascinating to see you put the ball through your legs. Good luck this year.
    Chante Bowman : Hey Marcus. It's good to hear from you. My jump shot isn't as good as yours but I'm practicing. Seriously, I've just been practicing a lot on my ball handling and jump shot. Bye!!

    Braldey : How do you like it in KY
    Chante Bowman : I like it a lot. The weather is nicer than in Michigan. It's fun down here.

    Dtrinicka : Who is your favorite men's basketball player?
    Chante Bowman : Joe Crawford because he's from Detroit, Michigan too. I also knew him before he came here.

    R. Montgomery Gentry : Hey Chante! I think you are really awesome! Good luck this year and I think it would be swell if UK Hoops could make the Final Four! Who is your favorite male coach on the UK Women's Basketball staff? Good luck and I'll be at every game cheering you on!
    Chante Bowman : Coach Matthew Mitchell is the greatest male coach we have on our staff. He's down to earth and he's very comical.

    wbballfan : How is the chemistry with your teammates?
    Chante Bowman : The chemisty is good. Even though there are six newcomers (including Nastassia Alcius), we have been playing together in the summer and we're looking pretty good.

    Marisa C. : Hello Chante, this is Marisa from Cass! Whatsup! Well, I was wondering how the UK team is different from the Cass Tech team?
    Chante Bowman : Practices are much faster and more up tempo. The players are stronger and faster so I have to work harder.

    Barb : Do you think you will miss being away from home?
    Chante Bowman : Yes, I miss it already but that's a part of growing up. I look forward to my visits home.

    Josh : What do you hope to bring to this year's squad?
    Chante Bowman : Since I'm more defensive-minded, I hope to bring my defense and my energy to help make the team successful.

    Joel Yates : Sup Chante ! Quick question. DeMoss raves on your defense and rebounding ability. What side of the ball do you take more pride in offense or defense ?
    Chante Bowman : I take more pride in defense because defense wins championships. Offense will come with defense. Getting steals and blocks will lead to fast break layup points on the other end.

    Will : What part of practice do you look forward to the most? The least? Glad to have you in Lexington!
    Chante Bowman : We've only had a few practices so far so right now I'm enjoying all of it. I'm learning a lot from all the coaches and it's real exciting.

    Chante Bowman : Hey dad! The biggest difference is that college takes a toll on you mentally and physically. There are classes, meetings, practices - it takes a lot of time.

    ewixson : Greetings from Louisiana. What do you think of your head coach?
    Chante Bowman : Coach DeMoss is a great person and coach. She has taught me a lot so far and she has a great sense of humor.

    CTMOM : How are you adjusting to college life and being so far away from home?
    Chante Bowman : Hi mom! I'm having a lot of fun down here but I miss you, dad and Jr. I can't wait until you get here for my first game.

    Mrs. Rosemary Roberts : How is practice? What is your position? Are you a starter? Do you like your coaches? Does the team look pretty good? Are you getting along with your teammates? How is college life? Do you have a tough schedule?
    Chante Bowman : Hi Sis. Roberts! The SEC is the toughest conference in college basketball so our schedule is going to be difficult but we're looking forward to the season.

    jerrod : Which of your teammates is the "clown" of the group that keeps people laughing all the time?
    Chante Bowman : I would have to say that it's me. I tried to think of someone funnier than me but I couldn't. :)

    josh : what team do you look foward to playin the most and why?
    Chante Bowman : I don't have a specific team yet. I just look forward to getting the season started.

    UKHoops Fan 4 life : you have any nicknames? I bring signs to every game and I want to know what you would like on yours....Can't WAIT to see you in action!!!
    Chante Bowman : My nickname is Tae. Thank you very much for supporting the team. I look forward to seeing my sign. : We thank Chante for joining us today and to all of you that asked questions. Next week's freshman live chat will be with Sade Buley.
    Chante Bowman : I enjoyed this time. Thank you very much and I hope to see you this season at all our games. Have a great day!!