21 Questions with Rebecca Gray

Sept. 25, 2008

  1. Where is your hometown?
    " Georgetown, Ky. "
  2. Welcome home! How's it been back in your home state after transferring from North Carolina ?
    "It's really been awesome. I love seeing familiar faces everyday and having my family so close. I'm back in my comfort zone and I can stay more focused instead of wondering about everyone back home."
  3. Your family is very important to you. Tell us about them.
    "My family is very close knit - mom (Amy), dad (Todd), sister (Rachael) and brother (Steven). I have a new baby niece as my sister just had baby so this time is very special for us. We only have this time to be together once and I want to be around them as much as possible."
  4. You have a unique nickname. How did it originate?
    "My nickname is `Bee.' I was told I was a very energetic child, buzzing around do everything and getting into everything. So my aunt Robin started calling me `Bee' when I was two-years old and it stuck."
  5. Were you a Kentucky fan growing up?
    "Oh my gosh, yes! I had the whole bedroom suit with the sheets, blue walls, all of it. Jeff Sheppard is my favorite all-time player. I wore No. 15 because of him. He's just so smooth and I fell in love with his game."
  6. Why are you wearing No. 23 now?
    "I wanted No. 15 but it was already taken. It's cool though, because I wore No. 23 in middle school and broke 1,000 points in that number. Michael Jordan also wore No. 23 so I thought it would bring me good luck."
  7. Did you look at attending UK coming out of high school?
    "I did and even had women's basketball season tickets my freshman and sophomore year of high school. Coach Mitchell was an assistant at UK then. He would always come over and talk to me at the games but UNC offered me when I was 15-years old and I thought that going away to school was the best thing for me at that time."
  8. What has impressed you most about Coach Mitchell and his staff so far?
    "He is really tough. That surprised me, but I like it because he's going to get everything out of you. He doesn't want a day or even a breath wasted. He has a very disciplined style and I need that type of attitude. He has a winning attitude and he stays in championship mode."
  9. How is school going and what do you like best about it?
    "I like how the classroom building is one huge building. Four of my five classes are in there and I don't have to walk anywhere. It's awesome."
  10. What is your favorite class so far?
    "Crime, Law and Deviance. It teaches the basic things you need to know about the law and what punishments go with breaking certain laws. It's very interesting."
  11. What is your major and what do you want to do after graduation?
    "Right now my major is marketing but I want to coach. The Lord has given me the ability to know and play the game of basketball and I want to be able to use this ability to teach others."
  12. Is it true you are engaged to be married?
    "Yes. Mason Karrick is my fiance. We've been best friends since we were eight-years old and have been dating four years now."
  13. How did he propose?
    "It was a total surprise. I came out of a night class this summer and he was parked beside me in the lot behind the Joe Craft Center. I could tell something was different with him and I was wondering what was going on when he dropped down on one knee and asked me to marry him. We are waiting until after we graduated to get married. We are in no rush."
  14. Speaking of the Joe Craft Center, what were your first thoughts when you saw it?
    "I knew it was under construction when I was at North Carolina but I didn't see it in person until my visit with Coach Mitchell this summer. Every corner I turned I was like `WOW!' This is the best facility in the nation as far as I've seen. Nothing can compete with this."
  15. What is your favorite shot on the court?
    "I haven't seen a shot I didn't like. (laughing) I like to spice it up. I like the three-pointer but a tight pass where someone else scores really gets me going."
  16. The team is going through individual workouts before practice starts next month. How are the workouts going for you?
    "Practice is fast-paced and intense. Coach Elzy and Coach Insell ware really picky but they are helping us work on our weaknesses. We are working a lot on ball handling and different moves to get to the goal. Just one session seems to make everyone better."
  17. What player has really impressed you so far?
    "Amani Franklin. She has the biggest potential to break through and do great things. She has these sparks where I think she could dunk if she wanted. She has changed her attitude from the beginning of the summer and she is really working hard. I think she will surprise a lot of people and could be our `bust-a-move' player this year."
  18. What are your thoughts on playing in the SEC?
    "I'm really excited. When you think of the SEC you think of women's basketball tradition. Everyone is so good and it makes you want to work harder and become better too. I can't wait until I get out there on the court and play against the other SEC teams."
  19. What do you think you can bring to the team this year even though you have to sit out due to NCAA transfer requirements?
    "I hope to bring my game to practice everyday and make everyone else better. I also think I will be able to help by seeing things during a game as a teammate instead of a coach. Sometimes the coaches are on you and it's easier to take things in when you hear it from a teammate."
  20. What was it like putting that Kentucky jersey on for the first time on photo day?
    "Awesome. I was thinking to myself that I look pretty good in this UK blue. It makes everything about me glow. I also loved how so many fans came to the photo shoot and are supporting us months before the season even starts."
  21. What motto do you try and live by each day?
    "I used to dwell on mistakes and losses so I came up with this saying that I try to live by: Learn from the past, live for the future, have no regrets and show no fear."