21 Questions with Anna Cole

Sept. 18, 2009

In preparation for the start of the 2009-10 season on Oct. 17, UKathletics.com will feature UK Hoops' three freshmen - Anna Cole, Brittany Henderson and A'dia Mathies. This week we sat down with 6-7 freshman center Anna Cole for 21 Questions.

1. What is your hometown?

"Mondovi, Wis. It's two hours east of Minneapolis. It is a really small town. We only have 2,000 people."

2. How has the transition been for you moving from Mondovi to a bigger city?

"It was really different. Even the cities closest to Mondovi are nothing compared to here. It is really exciting and different. I like the difference and that is why I came to Lexington. I wanted something other than what I was used to in Wisconsin."

3. What is the biggest adjustment you've had to make?

"It is going to sound silly, but we don't have any stop lights in Mondovi. So driving here is way different!"

4. Tell us about your family?

"I'm really close with my parents. They were always the ones who took me to all my tournaments and they are very supportive. I'm also really, really close with my sister, Jane. We are just one year apart and then my brother Connor is three. It is so fun to have such a younger brother."

5. You are 6-7, the tallest player to ever play at UK. What would you tell younger girls about embracing their height?

"I've always been tall and always the tallest in my classes. It has had its downsides, but now I like being tall. I would tell younger girls that even though they may not like it at the time, as they grow older it gets better. They will grow into it and appreciate their height not only for sports but overall. You definitely get more attention!"

6. What was it like putting on the jersey for the first time during photo day?

"It was really exciting. Photo day was really fun. I was afraid that it was going to be strict but it was so laid back and everyone had fun."

7. What do you think of the Joe Craft Center?

"It's really nice. It's the nicest facility I saw out of of all the visits I took."

8. Tell us about your position coach, Shalon Pillow?

"I like her a lot! She is really experienced and she definitely knows what she is talking about. She has helped me a lot."

9. Are there any post players who have taken you under their wing and helped make the transition better?

"Vic [Dunlap] has helped me a lot. She was my partner in the summer for shooting and she has helped me with my moves and told me what I needed to work on. She explains to me what the coaches expect. She helped me know what to do before we got started with individuals."

10. What is your favorite shot?

"Probably the hook shot. It is close to the basket and hard to defend. It is something that I developed as a junior in high school and have used it a lot."

11. Why did you choose UK?

"Just the whole atmosphere at UK is awesome. It has a great fan base and everybody loves basketball here. Also, the Southeastern Conference is such a great conference and it's an awesome opportunity for me."

12. Have you heard about Big Blue Madness and what to expect?

"I've definitely heard about it. I've heard there are over 20,000 people in Rupp Arena and they are really loud! I'm nervous because I've never played in front of that many people before but I'm also really excited because it means the season is about to start."

13. What do you most look forward to this season and do you think you will be nervous that first game?

"I probably will be nervous but after warm-ups I think I will be more focused and ready to play. I'm looking forward to playing with my teammates and traveling around the country playing basketball."

14. How has Coach Mitchell and his staff helped prepare for the collegiate game so far?

"The tempo of the game is way different and they have been helpful in telling me what I need to work on to get better. They are very understanding coaches. College basketball is a totally different game so they understand that I am making a transition but I know they also expect me to perform. They have been very good to me."

15. What is your favorite thing about Coach Mitchell?

"His enthusiasm. You can just tell that he really cares and is passionate about the game."

16. Who do you think is going to have a breakout season?

"Victoria Dunlap or Amani Franklin. They are always in control and they are very aggressive and have an all-around game. Their defensive and offensive skills are well rounded."

17. How are individual workouts going?

"Initially I know I struggled but I've improved and the coaches can see that. I'm really enjoying it because in high school you really didn't do workouts like this so it's been really good for me. I'm enjoying the hard work."

18. Off the court, how are your classes?

"They are going good. They are totally different than high school, too. There are huge lecture halls and the professor talks and you take notes. I like it better than high school and my professors are all really engaging."

19. What is your favorite class so far?

"Communications 101 because my professor is really energetic."

20. What is your major?

"Journalism, but I want to go to law school after and become a corporate lawyer."

21. Do you have a dream job?

"I used to want to be a journalist and write for a fashion magazine. So, if I don't go to law school I'd like to do that."