21 Questions with Bria Goss

July 22, 2011

  1. What's your hometown? Indianapolis

  2. Why Kentucky? I chose to come to Kentucky because I really like the style of play. I also like the coaching staff, the facilities, the campus, everything.

  3. What does being a Kentucky Wildcat mean to you? It means a lot. With this group of girls I know that we're really going to push each other and they'll push me. So I feel like I'll be able to get better next year and it means a lot.

  4. What has impressed you most about the coaching staff? Coach Mitchell, himself, is just a great coach. He's looked up to in the community and he's a good person. He tries to look out for us. And everybody else on the staff is the same. They're really going to push me.

  5. How closely did you follow the Kentucky program in high school? I followed them pretty close. I knew who they were playing, what time they were playing, whether it was going to be on TV for the big games.

  6. What is the one thing about college life that has surprised you the most? I already knew the workouts and stuff were going to be hard, so probably the time management, it's so important. I've got tutoring and study hall sessions, then I have workouts and I need to shoot like 500 shots a day so it's just knowing what to do and what time to do it.

  7. What did it mean to you to be named Indiana Miss Basketball? That was one of the awards I thought a lot about and worked really hard to achieve. It was a big accomplishment and it meant a lot to me.

  8. What is it about playing the college game versus the high school game that excites you the most? I'm excited about the crowd and my family being able to come see me play. I'm also excited about playing with this team and I'm excited about being coached by these coaches.

  9. Did you come from a sporting family and did that influence you to get involved with sports? Yes. My sister is on a full basketball scholarship. She went to Western Michigan but she just transferred to IUPUI. Then my dad played college football at Morehouse College and my mom ran track in high school.

  10. You've been in school for about a month now, how are classes going? They're going well. It's a little different because I've never taken an online class before and I'm taking one now, but I like my classes and teachers.

  11. What do you like doing in your spare time? When I have spare time I like to relax, talk to my friends, hang out with my teammates and watch TV. I also like to talk on the phone, text and Skype."

  12. You showed during your high school career that you weren't afraid to take the big shots at the end of games. What is it about those shots that you enjoy so much? The big shots are the ones you won't forget. To win the state and national championship my sophomore year I ended up taking and making that shot. It's an experience I'll never forget.

  13. What is your favorite shot on the court? I like free throws.

  14. What are you most looking forward to this season? The excitement of it all. I'm just excited about the atmosphere, the competition level and everything.

  15. How do you think you're going to feel the first time you step out on the floor in Memorial Coliseum? I think I'll have butterflies but I know that will wear off as the game goes on. I can't wait to see all the Big Blue fans.

  16. Has there been any one player who has taken you under their wing to help the transition? The whole team has been great and Kastine Evans showed me around a lot, introduced me to a lot of people, and told me the do's and don'ts when we're in meetings and stuff.

  17. Is there a motto you live by each day? It's a quote, "To be number one, train like number two." I really think it's motivational. It means to be number one you have to train and work harder and do all the other stuff, be motivated and get in the gym. If you do what the number two person does then eventually you'll be the number one person.

  18. Have you had a welcome- to-the-SEC moment in a pickup game this summer? Oh yeah. During a pickup game this summer with the team, there was one possession where I tried to guard Samarie Walker and she's just so strong. That didn't go so well.

  19.  What are your thoughts about playing in the SEC? It's one of the toughest conferences in the country. I know the SEC games are going to be important and I just feel like we have every opportunity to win so I'm excited.

  20. What impresses you most about Coach Mitchell? Just how he's not just a coach. He tries to help you out on and off the court. He doesn't just want you to be a great basketball player, but also a great woman. For the next four years, I know I'm going to change a lot just because I think he's going to not only make me a better basketball player but a better woman.

  21. What is something most people don't know about you? I know how to play chess.