Second Annual UK Hoops 5K Run/Walk Results

June 19, 2010

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Lexington, KY - Despite wet and rainy conditions, over 300 runners and walkers participated in the Second Annual UK Hoops 5K Run/Walk on Saturday, June 19 at Memorial Coliseum. The overall male winner was 19-year-old Anthony Eason of Lexington, Ky., with a time of 18.57.49. The overall female winner was 15-year-old Tiffany Toler of Winchester, Ky., with a time of 22.36.40.

The 5k run/walk was introduced last year as the first event in the "5K for 5K" to help sell season tickets and proved to be a great success. This year was no different.

"I was overwhelmed with the turnout today," UK Hoops head coach Mitchell said. "It is incredible how much this race has grown in one year. We are very optimist about the future of this race. It's already a good race and it can be even bigger and better. It's become a great event to participate in every summer and it's a great way to stay connected with our fans during the summer months."

Coach Mitchell finished with a time of 25:09.88.

"I improved from last year and that's not easy to do," Mitchell said. "When you get older you are supposed to be slowing down but I'm getting faster."