Sara Potts Live Chat Archive

Live chat took place Wed., March 23

Will : Two games into the NIT Tourney and you all are playing great. You especially had such a great game against UT Chatt. What do you all have to do as a team to continue that level of play?
Sara Potts : Thanks! We have to keep our defensive intensity up to the level we've been playing. Defense has really gotten us going in both WNIT games and we have to maintain that on Thursday.

adam : You've had a really good career at UK and have a lot of records. What are you most proud of during your time at UK - including basketball and academics?
Sara Potts : Academic-wise, I'm proud of graduating in three and a half basketball, I'm proud of my records but more importantly I'm proud of how hard I've worked and that I never gave up.

Shelley Hall : Xavier has already beaten you'll once this year. What will it take for you to take them down this time?
Sara Potts : Better defense than last time. Last time they hit 13 three-pointers and we have to get out on defense. I think that is the key.

Laura : Sara, its been a pleasure to watch you play at Kentucky. Congratulations on a great career! Just wondering if you have been contacted or have heard anything from the WNBA or any WNBA teams? Is that something you would pursue? Becuase I believe you would be a great contributor to any WNBA team.
Sara Potts : Thanks! I haven't really heard from them yet because our season is still going but it is definitely something I want to pursue.

Danny Landry : Are there days when you just wake up and know it will be a good day, playing and shooting wise?
Sara Potts : I don't know if there are days when I wake up and "know" it's going to be a great shooting day but there are days I wake up and feel like things are going to go well! It's just a shooter instinct I guess.

sam rogers : will you enter the wnba draft?
Sara Potts : I'd love to. I hope to get some tryouts with some teams after the season and we'll see how that goes.

ukfan : what is your daily schedule like as a student athlete?
Sara Potts : My schedule is pretty relaxed because I already graduated. I'm working on a third degree in family studies and have four online classes. Most of my day is spent working on those subjects and working out.

William : I have really enjoyed watching you through the years that you have been here at UK. I would like to know how you think team is coming along. I really see you guys making huge steps from four years ago, and I hope that you will remain a active part of the program in the future. I will really miss the three point gun that is Sara Potts. Go Big Blue!!
Sara Potts : Thanks for saying that. Of course I will remain active in the program as I will still have friends on the team. I think this year's team can only get better because they are so young. This team improves everyday and it's real exciting to watch. We are having a lot of fun.

Troy : Sarah, First I want to thank you for four years of some great basketball and opitomizing what a student athlete should be. Is there any more motavation for you to try to step your game up a notch now that you are in your first post season tournament?
Sara Potts : This is my last chance to play and the only time I've made it to postseason. I just am going out there to play every game like it's my last.

Jerry : When did you begin to play organized basketball?
Sara Potts : I started playing in an all-boys league in the first grade. I've been playing ever since.

lextowngirl : How did it feel to hit that 3 with no time on the shot clock on Sunday?
Sara Potts : I couldn't believe it went in. All I heard was people yelling "SHOOT IT" and I just threw it up and I was just smiling all the way down the court in disbelief.

Erin : Sara - it has been awesome to see how well rounded of a player you have become over the last 2 years. Can you comment on the difference in how other SEC teams handled you this year vs. last year.
Sara Potts : Thank you. Last year they didn't really know about me or didn't think I was much of a threat. This year, I was the No. 1 player they were keying on so defenses really guarded me tight and didn't give me much room.

Julie : How much has the postseason run meant to you and the other upperclassmen after fighting for so long just to experience it.
Sara Potts : This postseason has meant a lot to us. We are just playing every game like it's our last and we don't want it to end. These games really mean a lot to the future of our program too.

Ali Bargo : What is your favorite memory off the basketball court?
Sara Potts : Spending time with my teammates and going to cool places like the Virgin Islands and Hawaii.

LaShawnduh : What gets you ready and pumped up before a game. By the way like the wristband!
Sara Potts : I really don't get pumped up but I try to prepare myself by visualizing the game and different situations that might happen on the court. I do that before every game. I don't have a particular song or anything that I listen to.

Lady Mocs Fan : Did you do anything different before or during the game Sunday or did you just get more open shots than normal?
Sara Potts : I just go more open shots. They seemed to lose me in our offensive sets. I didn't do anything differently.

Erin : A little off subject, but would you share your thoughts on Pat Summitt's achievement last night and the influence she has had on the game. Obviously she has been a huge influence on Coach DeMoss.
Sara Potts : It's amazing what Coach Summitt has accomplished. I respect her because she is such a good coach. Coach DeMoss has used a lot of techniques she learned at Tennessee and I think it's really helped us.

Tony from Rochester : Sara, guess you know who this is!!! Just wanted to say good luck we are all cheering for you back home
Sara Potts : Thanks for your support!

Danny Soloe - KBIT : Sara,first of all a great year for you and the ladies, and my congradulations. I was wondering with you being a Senior now and your career now winding down as , how great is it to know, and to be able to say the Lady Cats are in post season play for the first time in a long time.And to know before you left, you help to get the program back in the right direction. Thank you again, and good luck with your future plans. Dan...
Sara Potts : Thanks a lot. I'm very happy to be a part of this team and to say that I helped bring this program back to national prominence.

Jolene Peters : Have you enjoyed playing at Kentucky and what would you tell freshman coming into play for kentucky?
Sara Potts : Yes, I've enjoyed playing here. I would tell freshmen to always work hard and never give up. Any team can beat any team on any given night. Also, don't let the reason you lose a game be because the other team outworked you. Give it your all. College goes by really fast.

Tom Hawes : When do you play because we are not going on vacation? Go Sara!!!!!
Sara Potts : We play Thursday at 7 p.m. ET in Memorial Coliseum. The next game would be Monday at 7 p.m.

Joe Crabb : What are your plans after you graduate? what must UK do to win against XU?
Sara Potts : To test the waters in the WNBA and see what happens. We must play defense in order to beat Xavier. They are a really good team.

UKCATFAN4 : For a pre-teen girl who is just taking up the game of basketball, who by the way is crazy about the UK Women's team, what would you suggest in the way of training and practice if their ultimate goal is to play college basketball? GO CATS!!!
Sara Potts : I would suggest that they go to the gym every single day and shoot. Also work on your ball-handling. Shoot, shoot and shoot. That's what I did growing up. I also ran everyday and that helped my endurance.

Tamara : Sara, First, I would like to say good luck in whatever you pursue after you leave UK. My questions is... How does it feel to be in such a "zone" when you are hitting all of those shots like in your last game? And when exactly do you know you are in that "zone" ?
Sara Potts : Thanks. It feels great to be in a zone. It feels like I can't miss and I just want the ball back because I know it's going in.

Jack : After a hopefully long and successful professional playing career, do you think you might like to coach, or do you have other goals?
Sara Potts : Yes, I'd like to coach if the right opportunity came up. As far as other goals, basically I just want to be happy and live my life for the Lord.

Rachel : Hey Sara! I just wanted to say HI!! Keep up the good work!
Sara Potts : Hi Rocs. Love you!

bkbdog : To what do you attribute your success as a collegiate athlete?
Sara Potts : Hard work and dedication. I've just pushed myself to get better in the offseason and it pays off during the season.

Steph22 : Sara, do you have any new hobbies or non-basketball activities that you are into lately? ;)
Sara Potts : My new hobby is designing handbags. I've made my teammates a few purses and a few others. It's really fun.

catfan1 : Do you and your teammates get fired up when you hear the crowed yelling? I know alot of coaches have mentioned that our crowds are starting to really bother other teams.
Sara Potts : Yes! Our crowds are awesome and they really do bother other teams. I've had several players from other teams comment on how shaken up they've gotten when our crowd gets loud. I love it!

Scott Pollard : You are a great leader and my all-time favorite female athlete. I hope you enjoy a career in the WNVA and succeed in all you do. You know you can count on the big blue nation to support you.
Sara Potts : Thanks so much. I appreciate everything the Big Blue has done for me during my career! : Sara has run out of time. Thanks to everyone that submitted a question. We hope to see you all on Thursday at 7 p.m. in Memorial Coliseum!
Sara Potts : Thanks for having me! I'd like to say hello to Allison, Matt, Emily and Tommy in Michigan! Also, thanks to my family for always supporting me and for the fans of Kentucky women's basketball! Thanks for everything!! See you Thursday!