Stephanie Stumbo Live Chat Archive

Jim : You have stated earlier that you have played bball since you were 5 years old what or who inspired you to play the game and will you miss it after your college days are over?
Stephanie Stumbo : My dad played basketball and sparked my love for the game. Yes, I will definitely miss it but I'm sure I'll be involved in basketball one way or another.

Dad : When you first came to Uk why did you decide to walk on the team?
Stephanie Stumbo : When I came to college, I wasn't ready for basketball to be out of my life so I decided to try out. Four years later I'm glad I did. Love you dad!

Sara : Hey Stumbo!! About the parking helps when you don't park by a yellow curb or it helps to feed the meter!!! Haha!!!
Stephanie Stumbo : Thanks for the advice Potts ... you would know! :)

Mike : Great accomplishment to walk on at UK and then be rewarded for yours efforts eith a scholarship your last two years. Will you get to start Sunday?
Stephanie Stumbo : Thanks for your kind words. Several people have asked if I am going to start. It doesn't really matter to me. I just want the team to win.

Jason : What do you think is your strongest attribute for the team?
Stephanie Stumbo : I try to be a positive encourager at all times during games and practices.

Troy : Hi Stephanie, Thanks for being the epitome of what a student athlete should be, you have been a great insperation. What is the biggest take away you have from being part of the women's basketball team.
Stephanie Stumbo : The relationships and bonds that I have formed during my four years here will be the biggest takeaway.

Holly : Why do you wear #22?
Stephanie Stumbo : When I gave up #23, I chose #22 because that was my sister's high school number and at that time she was recovering from numerous eye surgeries and I wanted to do that for her.

Drew : What do you like and dislike most about UK?
Stephanie Stumbo : I love the fan support and being part of a successful program. My biggest dislike about UK is the parking problem. :)

Daniel Johnson : Favorite Memory during your 4 years?
Stephanie Stumbo : Once again, there are too many to choose from. I will cherish them all.

Will : Senior day is Sunday. Can you believe it? With coming off the loss at Vandy, how do you like UK's chances to pull out the win at Rupp? What does the team need to focus on?
Stephanie Stumbo : WOW! My four years here have flown by. I always go into the game expecting to win. Our team needs to focus on out-rebounding Alabama and executing our offense.

hope ferrell : will you give me an autogragh at the game on sunday feb. 26 after the game
Stephanie Stumbo : Yes. I will be signing autographs after the Alabama game.

Your Georgia Peach : Who is your favorite past player you have ever played with?
Stephanie Stumbo : Well, there are too many to choose just one. But you're at the top. :)

Darren Hayes : I just want to thank you for representing Hoover at UK. I am a huge Uk basketball fan and wanted to ask how did Hoover prepare you for college at UK?
Stephanie Stumbo : The girls' basketball program at Hoover is very good. Coach Elgin does a wonderful job of preparing her players for the next level and to compete with a high level of intensity.

Charlotte : What keeps you motivated throughout the long season?
Stephanie Stumbo : The love for the game and my teammates keep me going. When I need to get away, my roommate Charlotte is always there. :)

Erin : How great is it to get to play your final home game @ Rupp Arena vs. your home state team - Alabama.
Stephanie Stumbo : It's always exciting when we play at Rupp and it does make it special to be playing against my home state's team.

UKWildcat@EKU : What do you plan to do after graduation? Will you stay in Lexington or go back to Alabama?
Stephanie Stumbo : I'll be getting a degree in Biology in Dec. 2006. After that, I don't know what's going to happen. I'm keeping my options open.

Layne Smith : Do you ever wish that you start your career over again at this time with the program on the rise? Thanks for all you have given to the program.
Stephanie Stumbo : No, I wouldn't change my career. I wouldn't have made the friends that I have. And seeing the change in the program has made it mean a lot more.

Melanie (ORLANDO, FL) : Hey Stumbo! Congratulations on a great season! What is it like to have so much success as a team during your last year on the squad? (And remember - don't be a dumbo, put in Stumbo!)
Stephanie Stumbo : Hi Melanie! Happy late birthday! It feels good for four years of hard work to pay off. We miss you and love you!

: how does it feel to beat the #2 team in world like u did when u beat tennesee
Stephanie Stumbo : It was a very exciting win for us. One of the best in my career here so far.

brad : hello i have been a kentucky fan forever and i was wondering how do u compare thw girls team from the guys and have you you ever got a chance to squirmage angainst the guys good luck in the rest of the season i be cheering u on i live in new mexico
Stephanie Stumbo : That's a hard question because that's like comparing apples and oranges. But we're friends with the guys and cheer for them just like they support us. Thanks for your support all the way from New Mexico.

Mike : Two questions: Did you play ball with Sidney Spencer at Hoover and are your friends? What do you think the biggest reason for the program's turnaround is?
Stephanie Stumbo : Yeah, I played ball with Sidney. We've been friends since middle school. I think our great team chemistry plays a large part in our success.

shavon majors : what made you choose to play ball for uk out of all the other teaams
Stephanie Stumbo : I grew up a Kentucky fan and always wanted to play for the Cats. : We have run out of time. We would like to thank Stephanie for joining us today.
Stephanie Stumbo : Thanks everyone for your continued support of our team. I'll see all y'all at Rupp this Sunday. Be sure to arrive early for my Senior Day activities! They will start around 12:45. Go CATS!!