Kentucky-Cleveland State Postmatch Quotes

May 15, 2010

Recap | Agate

Kentucky Head Coach Dennis Emery

“We played really well in doubles and kept things rolling in singles as well. Our guys came out today, were prepared and really focused on this match.”

On the layoff following the SEC Championships:
“It’s always tough when you have three weeks off. We did a good jobof serving and holding serve. We were able to make them play from behind today.”

Cleveland State Head Coach Brian Etzkin

On his team’s performance today …
“This is our third year in the NCAA Tournament in a roll and we felt thatwe gave ourselves a chance today. We have battled hard every year in the tournamentand this year was better than last year. It was probable that we were going tolose this match but we looked around and thought that we saw four points outthere. I want to congratulate Kentucky because they played great but I am reallyproud of our effort. Our seniors, Ryan Hamning and Phil Orno have led this teamall four years and they wanted to extend this season. Even though we are playingKentucky, the No. 12 team in the nation, we thought that we had a chance andjust didn’t quite give it down today. It has been a record breaking seasonfor us and I am proud of our accomplishments.”

On what his thoughts are about next season …
“We lose Ryan and Phil at Nos. 1 and 2 singles and they have also beenour No. 1 doubles and whenever we needed a point they have come through. Butwe have everyone else coming back and we have good depth. We should be able tohold our depth in conference and we have some guys that I am comfortable canmove towards the top and be successful. We are losing some experience but, it’snothing that we can’t improve on.”