UK at C-USA Championship: LIVE BLOG vs. UCF

Nov. 14, 2008

DALLAS -- Riding a school-record eight-game unbeaten streak, the No. 23 Kentucky men’s soccer team faces UCF in the quarterfinals of the Conference USA Championship, at 6 p.m. ET at SMU’s Westcott Field. will offer an extensive live blog of the event.

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* 4:03: UK has arrived and taken the field for warmups ... New C-USA logos are painted onto the field.

* 4:28: Tyler Burns, who suffered an ankle injury in the quarterfinals, is out of his cast and off crutches. Burns, who scored UK's first goal against Marshall, is in street clothes.

* 4:39: UK starting lineup ...

1: Dan Williams, GK

4: Bingy Lara, MF

5: Brad Walker, D

7: Masumi Turnbull, MF

8: Jason Griffiths, MF

9: Stephen Beiro, D

10: Marco dos Santos, F

12: Chad Hagerty, F

14: Tim Muessig, D

18: C.J. Tappel, F

21: Barry Rice, D 

* 4:41: The only change to the starting lineup is Bingy Lara in place of Tyler Burns in the midfield.

* 4:46: 14 minutes to kickoff ... UK has returned to its locker room.

* 4:58: starting lineups being introduced ... UK wearing all white again, with white socks and white tops ... Dan Williams is wearing green shorts with a blue top and green socks.

* 5:02: Game is underway.

* 5:08: back-to-back corner attempts taken by Hagerty.

* 5:09: shot off corner headed wide by Barry Rice.

* 5:10: Marco dos Santos shot missing way high.

* 5:11: yellow card issued to UCF for a foul of dos Santos ... Sets up a free kick from just outside the 18-yard box.

* 5:12: Barry Rice's shot misses high off the free kick.

* 5:13: Curving shot by Bingy Lara forces a save at the far post.

* 5:17: UK has controlled the tempo of the game, but UCF forces a threat inside the box, with Dan Williams coming out to attempt to secure the ball, but Barry Rice kicks it out of bounds for a UCF corner.

* 5:18: Barry Rice is 3-for-3 on contested haeders so far.

* 5:18: With the jink, Barry Rice losses his first header.

* 5:20: Masumi Turnbull attempts a cross but it can't find the head of Chad Hagerty. Goal kick UCF.

* 5:23: UK corner kick. Taken by Hagerty.

* 5:26: Michael Strong checks in for Chad Hagerty.

* 5:28: Tim Crone and Taylor White check in for C.J. Tappel and Marco dos Santos.

* 5:30: Tripping foul against Michael Strong, sets up a UK free kick from 20 out at an angle.

* 5:31: Tim Crone has UK's best chance of the game so far, finding himself open on a breakaway and firing a hard-hit shot to the near post, forcing a save. Sets up a corner kick and Barry Rice's header shot misses wide.

* 5:35: George Davis IV checks in for Bingy Lara.

* 5:38: In the 36th minute, UK still controls the tempo, forcing several chances on the UCF side of the pitch.

* 5:40: Michael Strong's speed forces a corner kick, taken by Masumi Turnbull. Off the corner, Tim Crone's shot misses high and wide.

* 5:42: Yellow card issued to UCF's Chris Andaur on a hard takedown on Tim Muessig.

* 5:45: Tim Crone's attempted cross can't find the head of Michael Strong.

* 5:47: Corner kick taken by Masumi Turnbull ... Goal kick UCF.

* 5:48: HALFTIME: UK 0, UCF, 0

* 5:56: 8 minutes until the half is over ... UK owns a 12-2 advantage in shots and a 6-1 lead in corners. Barry Rice has won 7-of-9 contested header attempts.

* 6:06: Half resumes ... Same lineup as the starters.

* 6:09: C.J. Tappel forces a save from Sean Johnson ... Sets up a corner for UK, taken by Hagerty.

* 6:10: Save from Dan Williams.

* 6:14: Shot by C.J. Tappel misses high off a deflection ... Sets up a UK corner kick.

* 6:18: Chad Hagerty forces some action near the goal, but UCF clears.

* 6:21: C.J. Tappel hustles and forces a shot from 25 out, it is deflected and forces a UK corner.

* 6:23: Significant activity in the UCF box ... After a Tappel shot, Jason Griffiths fires a low-lining shot through traffic that forces a Sean Johnson save.

* 6:25: Chad Hagerty fires a shot wide, that Sean Johnson secures.

* 6:26: Jason Griffiths fires a shot through traffic, forcing a save.

* 6:28: GOAL KENTUCKY: UK 1, UCF 0: Barry Rice finds a cross from Jason Griffiths at the far post, heading it in from two yards into the corner of the net.

* 6:34: Tim Crone checks in for Marco dos Santos.

* 6:35: Clock is stopped as the center refree breaks up some physical play.

* 6:43: Clock stopped for UCF injury ... 79th minute ...

* 6:46: UCF subs its goal for its backup keeper ... Moving Sean Johnson to a forward position in an attempt to get some height and athleticism up front.

* 6:47: Chad Hagerty breaks through the UCF defense and finds Marco dos Santos inside the box, who fires a hard shot that hits the far post.

* 6:51: UCF corner ... Physical play in the box ... Trainers tending to Dan Williams, who stays in the game ...

* 6:54: Marco dos Santos issued a yellow card.

* 6:56: Michael Strong and Tim Crone check in for C.J. Tappel and Chad Hagerty.

* 6:57: 3 minutes left ... Dan Williams saves a Kevon George shot.

* 7:00: Uk corner, 1:11 left ...

* 7:00: FINAL: Kentucky 1, UCF 0