UK Soccer in C-USA Tourney: Live Blog vs. Marshall

Nov. 12, 2008

Note: live video and GameTracker coverage is also available for this game.

DALLAS -- With a school-record seven-match unbeaten streak, the No. 23 Kentucky men's soccer team opens post-season play in the first round of the Conference USA Tournament on Wednesday at 1 p.m. ET at SMU's Westcott Field. will offer a complete live blog of the match.

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* 12:12 pm: UK has taken the field for warmups, wearing its gray warm-up tops and white shorts. Marshall is wearning green shorts and green warm-up tops.

* 12:48 pm: UK starting lineup ...

1, Dan Williams GK

5, Brad Walker, D

7, Masumi Turnbull, MF

8, Jason Griffiths, MF

9, Stephen Beiro, D

10, Marco dos Santos, F

12, Chad Hagerty, F

14, Tim Muessig, D

18, C.J. Tappel, F

21, Barry Rice, D

26, Tyler Burns, MF

* 12:50 pm: Stay tuned after the game for a photo gallery, provided by Travis Johnston of

* 12:55 pm: The teams are being introduced ... UK is wearing all white kits, with white socks ... Marshall is in all green, with green socks.

* 12:56 pm: Before coming to Dallas, Marshall traveled to face Alabama A&M in its regular-season finale on Sunday.

* 1:02 pm: Game underway, Marshall has a threat early but Dan Williams secures the ball.

* 1:04 pm: UK's Dan Williams is wearing all black, black shorts, black tops, black shorts

* 1:06 pm: GOAL KENTUCKY: 1-0: Tyler Burns gets a goal in the fifth minute, assist to Masum Turnbull. The goal was second of the year and the assist was Turnbull's third of the season and the 17th of his career.

* 1:09 pm: Tim Muessig attempts to clear the ball and his clearance sailed long, threatening the Marshall net. Marshall's keeper lept high in the air to thrwart the long clearance, turned shot attempt.

* 1:11 pm: A half-hazard Marshall shot forces a stop from Williams.

* 1:13 pm: Tim Muessig checks out due to blood on his No. 14 jersey ... Reid Baker replaced Muessig for a few minutes and Muessig checks back in wearning No. 6.

* 1:15 pm: GOAL KENTUCKY: 2-0: C.J. Tappel finds a pass from Marco dos Santos and fires a shot from about 20 yards out, a low-lining shot that dives past Marshall's keeper into the back right of the net.

* 1:19 pm: Chad Hagerty has a chance in the box but the MU goalkeeper comes out and secures the ball inside the six-yard box.

* 1:19 pm: Tappel fires a shot from 25 yards out on an angle, forcing a save.

* 1:23 pm: Senior forward Michael Strong checks in for C.J. Tappel.

* 1:24 pm: dos Santos fires a hard-hit shot that hit the post and bounced back into play. Masumi Turnbull secured the ball and lofted a cross to Strong whose diving header just missed wide.

* 1:26 pm: Taylor White checks in for Chad Hagerty, after Hagerty hustles down field to forced a UK throw in.  

* 1:28 pm: Barry Rice takes a free kick from the midfield line but his attempt was secured by the MU keeper.

* 1:30 pm: Sam Vernalls checks in for Marco dos Santos.

* 1:34 pm: GOAL KENTUCKY: 3-0: Michael Strong nets his third goal of the year against Marshall, finding himself open on a breakaway. Strong beat the keeper to the far right corner, a gentle shot for his team-best eighth goal of the year.

* 1:37 pm: Sam Vernalls displays a tremendous amount of hustle attempting the beat the keeper to the ball.

* 1:41 pm: George Davis checks in for Michael Strong.

* 1:43 pm: Tyler Burns is injured, coach Collins carries him off the field ... Bingy Lara checks in.

* 1:46 pm: Marshall free kick chance, shot misses high.

* 1:48 pm: HALFTIME: UK 3, Marshall 0

* 2:05 pm: UK lineup to start the second half: Williams, Rice, Beiro, Walker, Meussig, Griffiths, Turnbull, Lara, dos Santos, Tappel, Hagerty.

* 2:06 pm: Shot by Bingy Lara, saved by the MU keeper.

* 2:09 pm: Corner kick taken by Bing Lara.

* 2:09 pm: 23 times in UK history have the Wildcats totaled three goals in a half.

* 2:12 pm: Off a free kick from about 25 yards out and at an angle, Barry Rice rips a hard-hit shot that forced a save and set up a UK corner.

* 2:21 pm: Masumi Turnbull fires a shot wide.

* 2:25 pm: Again, Turnbull fires a shot from inside the 18-yard box that misses wide.  

* 2:28 pm: Strong, White and Vernalls check in.

* 2:30 pm: GOAL MARSHALL: 3-1: Goal for Marshall, shot hit the cross bar and bounced back into the net, past Williams' extended hand.

* 2:32 pm: Glancing header shot for Marshall skids wide of the net, setting up a UK goal kick.

* 2:34 pm: GOAL KENTUCKY: 4-1: Goal from Michael Strong ... Bingy Lara lofts a free kick from just outside the 18-yard box at an angle. His bending cross finds the head of Strong, who leaps and drills it in the back of the net. Of his team-leading nine goals on the year, four have come against Marshall.

* 2:39 pm: George Davis IV checks in for Jason Griffiths.

* 2:46 pm: GOAL MARSHALL: 4-2: Kolby Lacrone goal

* 2:51 pm: Michael Strong shot forces a UK corner kick.

* 2:53 pm: Strong fires another shot that misses wide, setting up another UK corner kick.

* 2:55 pm: FINAL, UK 4, Marshall 2