Getting to Know UK Soccer: Matt Lodge

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In preparation for the 2011 Kentucky men’s soccer season, is rolling out a series of player questionnaires, allowing fans, friends and family to get an inside look at UK soccer.

A native of Rossington, England, Lodge has been a fixture on the pitch for the Wildcats through his first two seasons in Lexington. A 5-foot-10 midfielder, Lodge became the first freshman All-America selection in program history in 2009 after leading UK with 14 points and six goals. As a sophomore, Lodge found his form late in the year and earned All-Conference USA accolades with four goals and three assists.

Getting to Know Matt Lodge

What is your favorite thing about Kentucky?

 - My favorite thing about Kentucky is the people I have met. Everyone here is really friendly and it has been easy to get along with people.

 Funniest teammate?
-Walt Mcombs our trainer is possibly the funniest man I have ever met, but if I had to name a teammate I would say Josh McCrary is the funniest. And Pedro with his one liners.
Teammate with the dirtiest locker?

- I've heard Beadle has a dirty locker but I haven't noticed really. Mine isn’t the cleanest to be fair.
Best player you have ever played with or against?
- Fabian Delph who plays at Aston Villa is a great player and also Danny Rose at Tottenham. I played with them both in England when I was young.
Favorite memory of being a UK student-athlete?

- My best memory is probably my first week in America over two years ago. Felt amazing to be out here.
What is your favorite movie?

- My favorite film at the moment is her majesty with Danny Mcbride and James Franco, but there is an English comedy called Four Lions that has been a favorite for a while, brilliant film.
If you could visit one place, where would it be?

- I would want to visit LA, looks mint.
If you could have dinner with one person in the world, who would it be?

- I would want to go out for dinner with Becks. All-time hero.
What is something most people don’t know about you?
- I am a proud uncle of Joseph and Rosie Lang, my sister’s children.
If you had to play one sport other then soccer professionally right now, what would it be?

- I would love to do UFC or boxing but I would probably get battered so I'll just stay safe with golf.
Player on the team with the worst sense of fashion style?

- Craig Heard has some rascal footwear, some small shirts and some terrible underwear. But he scrubs up well.
What is your biggest fear?

- My biggest fear is underachieving. I don't want to feel like I wasted my time and opportunities.