Thank You From Dicky Lyons

Dec. 8, 2008

Playing for the Kentucky Wildcats has been the most enjoyable and exciting time of my life. It could not have been so had it not been for all of the love and support I felt from the fans. The fans have stood by this program through thick and thin and always made the players feel appreciated. The fans never gave up on the team and were an important part in turning this program around. The players wanted to win, but the fans were the drive that made us work so hard.

I am currently in rehab everyday trying to get my knee to 100%. I just got off crutches and have started working out to get my body weight back up. I am still a long way from 100% but I am already ahead of schedule and am looking forward to the challenge. My goal is to make it to the NFL so we can get more Wildcats in the league. Jim Madaleno and Matt Summers are the trainers at Kentucky and they have been great at giving me the help I need. I love this program because the way they care about each player as an individual and not just a player.

I would like to thank all of the fans that sent me letters and supported me with encouraging words. Everyone knows that I came to the University of Kentucky as a kid from New Orleans, La. Now, because of the fans, I feel this is my new home and look forward to adding onto this great Wildcat fan base.

Go Big Blue!

Dicky Lyons

P.S. I will be rehabbing right next to Randall Cobb making sure he will be 100% for his next game!