Changes to 2010 Football Game Day Operations

Sept. 3, 2010

LEXINGTON, Ky. – With the beginning of football season only days away, the University of Kentucky event management staff has announced the following changes to game day operations on Saturdays at Commonwealth Stadium this fall.

The changes will affect several aspects of game day operations, including tow-behind trailers; guests’ golf cart use; adjustments to parking and tailgating along Cooper Drive; closure of Hospital Drive on game days; and backpacks entry into Commonwealth Stadium.

Below is a detailed description on the changes being made on game day:

Tow-Behind Trailer Policy

•    Beginning 2010, tow-behind trailers will not be allowed to park on paved surface lots within the Commonwealth Stadium complex, unless they too have a parking permit.
•    Guests bringing a tow-behind trailer, without a parking permit for the trailer, will be directed to the nearest grass lot (Orange or Purple).
•    All tow-behind trailers will be directed to park in the periphery of the Orange or Purple grass lots.
•    Guests bringing tow-behind trailers, without a parking permit for the trailer, may contact the KFund parking office (859.257.6300) in advance to setup an in-person exchange of their Red, Blue or Green permit for an Orange or Purple grass lot permit.

Guest Golf Cart Use

•    Beginning 2010, guests’ golf cart use will be prohibited on the Commonwealth Stadium Complex to include all parking lots, sidewalks, streets, etc.
•    This includes motorized scooters/coolers, etc.
•    Scooters used by individuals with disabilities will be permitted
•    Guests are asked not to bring golf carts to the complex.

Cooper Drive Tailgate & Parking

•    Tailgate setups and parking vehicles may begin no earlier than Noon on Fridays prior to Game Day.
•    Beginning Noon on Friday, two vehicles will be permitted to parallel park outside/along painted 6’ restraining line, within each designated tailgate area.  Vehicles will be restricted from parking in any water retention ditches, flood areas, sidewalks and otherwise marked off areas.

Game day traffic on hospital drive - UK Medical center emergency room  

•    Hospital Drive, connecting Limestone and University Drive, will be closed strictly for Emergency Room traffic on Game Day.  Guests with Parking Structure #1 permits may access Parking Structure #1 via University Drive only.

No Backpacks

•    Beginning 2010, guests’ backpacks will not be permitted in Commonwealth Stadium.
•    Purses, small handbags, etc. will be permitted and all bags are subject to search.

Please visit the UK Football Game Day Website ( for all your game day information needs:
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Should you have questions/concerns regarding your game day experience, please submit an email to the UK game day email account (  Commonwealth Stadium Management will respond to you inquiries in a timely manner.