2014 Kentucky Football Game Day Changes

Aug. 28, 2014

2014 Football Game-Day Education Series
Part One – Introduction
Part Two – Parking, Traffic and Shuttles
Part Three – In Stadium

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- With the beginning of football season only days away, the University of Kentucky event management staff has announced the following reminders and changes to game day operations on Saturdays at Commonwealth Stadium this fall.

UK Athletics has created a game day central website for fans to get answers about all game day operations questions. Before stepping foot on campus for a football game this fall, fans are strongly encouraged to visit www.ukathletics.com/fbgameday for all game day information needs.

On the site, fans can read all about the 2014 game day operation changes listed below and more, including GuestAssist – Customer service text-messaging system; Twitter; Directions & Pre/Postgame Traffic; Parking/Tailgating Policies; Downtown & Campus Shuttles; RV Information – permitted RVs, non-permitted RVs; Maps – Permit Parking, Non-Permit Parking, Pre/Postgame Traffic Flow, Campus Shuttle, Downtown Shuttle, Stadium Diagram; Commonwealth Stadium A-Z – Stadium services, policies & procedures; About Lexington.

Should you have questions/concerns regarding your game day experience, please submit an email to the UK game day email account (BBNFirst@uky.edu). The UK Athletics Event Management Staff will respond to your inquiries in a timely manner.  

For real-time updates regarding game day information, follow UK Athletics-Gameday on Twitter: @UKGamedayInfo.


Construction Impact in the Stadium: Please be advised, Commonwealth Stadium is under construction for the 2014 season.
  • Gates 10 and 11 will be closed for the duration of the season. All fans entering through the South side of the stadium can use Gates 7, 9, 12 and 14.
  • Service Gates have moved to the following locations:
    • UK Player Pass Gate: Gate 1
    • Visiting Team Player Pass Gate: Gate 4
    • Working Media/Photographers: Gate 5 (Elevator Lobby)
    • Aramark/Concessions: Gate 12
  • The media elevator on the lower north concourse of Commonwealth Stadium no longer exists.  Public may utilize the four corner elevators accessible from inside the concourse after traveling through the public gate security and ticket scanning process.
  • Due to construction of the future recruiting room, tunnels for sections 139 and 140 are closed and the lower east concourse has narrowed. To access sections 139 and 140 please use the adjacent tunnels sections 138 and 141.
Stadium Gates
  • As you enter/exit Commonwealth Stadium gates, please be extremely cautious of vehicle traffic in surrounding lots and follow instructions of parking lot attendants.
  • Gates 4, 9, 12 and suites will open two hours prior to kickoff.
  • All other public gates will open 1 ½ hours prior to kickoff.
  • Gates 7, 14 and 15, previously not used for entry will be open for public entry.
Guest Services
  • Two Guest Services locations will be open 5 hours prior to kickoff, one outside of Gate 1 and the other outside of Gate 9.
  • In addition to the four Guest Services locations on the lower concourse, two Guest Services locations have been added on the upper concourse, one between sections 208 and 210 and the other between sections 225 and 226.
  • Beginning in 2014, guests may obtain a complimentary 10oz cup of water from Commonwealth Stadium concessions stands.

Traffic, Shuttles & Parking
  • Many season-ticket holders were reassigned to new lots this offseason. In your season ticket book we have included specific directions for your respective permit. By following these directions, and consulting the pre-game traffic route diagram, you will gain access to your respective parking lot as efficiently as possible.
  • Fans are encouraged to display their parking permit when they leave their homes, enabling traffic personnel to efficiently sort and direct vehicles approaching the complex.
  • New Permits in 2014
    • Yellow/Red – Located off Cooper Drive between Nicholasville Road and University Drive
    • White – Located off Farm Road, accessible via University Drive
    • Green/White – Located off Sports Center Drive via Cooper Drive
    • Green/Black – Parking Structure 7, Located off Sports Center Drive
  • Non-permit parking is available on Cooper Drive on a first-come, first-served basis beginning at noon ET on Fridays.  Additional non-permit parking is available in Parking Structures #2, #3 and #6. 
  • The campus shuttle route, servicing non-permit parking structures #2, #3 and #6 has been enhanced, adding pickup/drop-off locations at the visitor/non-permit RV lot and at parking structure #6.
  • The majority of the Orange Lot is now paved and vehicles will be required to adhere to all policies that apply to paved lots, including the one permit, one stall policy. Guests with tow-behind trailers will be asked to park in the grass portion of the Orange Lot.
  • Be mindful and use extreme caution in the areas immediately surrounding Commonwealth Stadium. Several new crosswalks have been installed, and staff will be in place to manage the mixture of vehicle & pedestrian traffic. Be aware of pedestrian traffic at all times, as pedestrians maintain the right-of-way on campus.
  • Please be mindful when entering stadium gates, as most gates are located within construction staging areas. Each game week, campus and public safety personnel, as well as construction contractors, will ensure areas are safe on game days.

As a reminder, below is a detailed description of the changes/enhancements continued for the 2014 season:

Commonwealth Stadium Gate Security & Carry-In Policy
  • The University of Kentucky is committed to our primary mission of providing safe and secure venues. Based in large part on industry standards regarding security at large assembly events, the University of Kentucky is implementing a new bag policy at Commonwealth Stadium.
  • Backpacks and large bags are prohibited from entering Commonwealth Stadium. Fans will be permitted to bring in one small bag, no larger than 13.5 inches x 10 inches x 7 inches. The bag must fit within sizing bins at all entrance gates. UK officials are encouraging fans to arrive early and bring as few items as possible into the stadium.
  • Questions, concerns or requests?  Utilize GuestAssist for real-time guest services and assistance on game day.
  • GuestAssist brings Commonwealth Stadium’s guest services to your fingertips, enabling you to start a text message conversation with Commonwealth Stadium staff directly. Whether you need parking information or location of specific stadium services, GuestAssist makes it simple and easy.
  • Download the free GuestAssist app to your smartphone via the App Store or Android Marketplace, or text CATS to 78247 with your message and seat location. The GuestAssist app provides a wealth of game day information and guest service functions.
  • The University of Kentucky encourages all guests to recycle. As you tailgate around the stadium, we ask that you place all recyclables into any of the recycling receptacles stationed throughout the area.
  • If you are parking in any of the colored reserved parking lots, you will be given recycling bags as you enter the parking lots. Please deposit aluminum cans, plastic or glass bottles. Please do not deposit FOOD or PAPER in these bags. Before you leave the lots to enter the game, please leave your bags at the front of your vehicle and collectors will pick up your recyclables after the game. 
  • If you tailgate postgame, please locate the nearest recycling receptacle and deposit your recyclable beverage containers before you leave.
  • During the game, while inside Commonwealth Stadium, please deposit any recyclable beverage containers into the designated Coca-Cola receptacles.
Tow-Behind Trailer Policy
  • Tow-behind trailers may not park on paved surface lots within the Commonwealth Stadium complex, unless they too have a parking permit.
  • Guests bringing a tow-behind trailer on game day, without a parking permit for the trailer, will be directed to the nearest grass lot (Orange or Purple). All tow-behind trailers will be directed to park in the periphery of the Orange or Purple grass lots.
  • Guests desiring to bring a tow-behind trailer without a parking permit for the trailer may contact the KFund parking office (859.257.6300) in advance to set up an in-person exchange of their Red, Blue or Green permit for an Orange or Purple grass lot permit.
Guest Golf Cart Use
  • In the interest of safety for all guests, pedestrians, etc., guests’ golf carts are prohibited on the Commonwealth Stadium Complex to include all parking lots, sidewalks, streets, etc.
  • This includes motorized scooters/coolers, etc.
  • Scooters used by individuals with disabilities will be permitted.
Cooper Drive Tailgate & Parking
  • Tailgate setups and vehicle parking may begin no earlier than noon ET on Fridays prior to game day.
  • Beginning at noon ET on Friday, two vehicles will be permitted to parallel park outside/along the painted 6’ restraining line, within each designated tailgate box/area. Vehicles will be restricted from parking in any water retention ditches, flood areas, sidewalks and any other marked areas.
Game day traffic on hospital drive - UK Medical Center Emergency Room  
  • Hospital Drive, connecting Limestone and University Drive, will be closed for Emergency Room traffic only on game day. Guests with Parking Structure #1 permits may access Parking Structure No. 1 via University Drive only.