Jimmy Heggins Live Chat Archive

BigBlueCatFan : Good morning coach. Will the OL be able to open up some holes for Rafael Little, Tony Dixon, and Alfonso Smith this Fall? GO BIG BLUE!!!
Jimmy Heggins : I think we'll do a much better job opening up the holes for those guys. I have a group of guys that have a lot of pride in themselves and want to get better at that.

Darrell : Who are your strongest lineman at present? Who is the quickest?
Jimmy Heggins : Christian Johnson is probably the strongest. Zipp Duncan and Eric Scott are the quickest.

Landon : How are all the injured linemen from the spring progressing? Also, with the loss of Ventrell Jenkins and Ricky Abren from the team will Jason Leger move back to d-tackle or will he remain at guard? Thanks.
Jimmy Heggins : So far, we've gotten good reports on the injured guys and they're back running and lifting weights. Leger will remain at the offensive line for right now.

david mullins : Do you can have and o line at u k as you did at fsu?
Jimmy Heggins : With a lot of hard work and determination, we can have a line that's comparable.

Crazy 'bout the Cats : Hi Coach Heggins. Matt was a rock for us at the center position. Who will replace him this Fall? GO BIG BLUE!!!
Jimmy Heggins : Right now, Eric Scott has the lead but we're expecting Marcus Davis and Jorge Gonzalez to battle for the job. But obviously Eric is one of our better offensive linemen and will end up being one the top five.

Brian from Owensboro : Hi coach. Did Zip Duncan move to the OL and what position will he be playing if so. Thanks and Go Cats!!!
Jimmy Heggins : Yes, Zipp moved to offensive line. Right now we think he'll be playing tackle because he showed great potential during spring. He needs to get bigger and stronger. Having moved over from tight end, he's a very good athlete.

Blake Hopkins : What do you think about Phil Hibbard from south laurel... are you all goin to redshirt him this year... and if not... how much of a force do you expect him to be
Jimmy Heggins : He's shown potential to be a good player. He has good athleticism and runs well. We don't know yet what his role will be this season.

McClintonsfan : Where do you rate this offensive line on a scale of 1-10. Also, how do they compare to previous offensive lines you have coached in the past as far as athletism and run blocking ability.
Jimmy Heggins : Again, it's too early to tell but we do have some guys that have a chance to be up there with the great players I've coached.

J.K. : Is this an improved offensive line from last season?
Jimmy Heggins : We hope we will be improved but it's hard to tell at this point because so many players had to miss the spring because of injuries. We'll know a lot more when practice starts in August.

Jason : How do you feel the cats offensive line stands against some of the tougher defensive line in the S.E.C such as Florida, Arkansa,and Tenn.?
Jimmy Heggins : I think they can compete with them if we continue to improve our strength this summer.

Luke : Hey Coach! I went to high school with Justin Jefferies and I know he played O-Line there, so I was just wondering if he would see playing time there now that he has seen most of his time on the d-line
Jimmy Heggins : He spent most of the season last year on the offensive line - just a little bit in the defensive line when we had some injuries. He's been held back a little this spring due to injuries but seems to be doing better. I expect him to compete for playing time and a starting job on the offensive line.

Brad Roby : Coach, what goals have you set for your guys this upcoming season? I think they are a talented group with lots of potential and I know Wildcat fans are looking forward to the upcoming season. Thanks
Jimmy Heggins : Our first goal is to get bigger and stronger and be more physical up front. Also to be better using their hands in both run and pass plays.

Andrew : How is Little coming along and how do you think our running game will be?
Jimmy Heggins : Rafael's coming along well. I think our running game has a chance to up to par and compete in the SEC.

adam : Is C.Johnson going to be playing for the cats in the fall?
Jimmy Heggins : We feel that there's a strong possibility right now.

adam : how many underclassman do you expect to make an empact this year? Also how often do you sub people in and out of the games?
Jimmy Heggins : As far as offensive linemen, I expect two or three of the incoming freshmen to make an impact. We usually sub every three series - one linemen at a time.

Captain Kirk : How are Josh Winchell and Jess Beets coming along and which linemen are going to make a big impact
Jimmy Heggins : The jury's still out on them because they were both hurt during the spring. We're hoping to see good things out of both of them. They got to practice a little bit in the spring and we could see that they had ability.

Abid Shalash : im a sophmore in high school and i wanna go to uk what do you think i should i do to get looked at
Jimmy Heggins : First, make sure your academics are in good standing. Work hard at getting stronger. Work on your quickness.

RAY CARRICO : How is the line shaping up ? Do you feel we will have enough depth to compete in the sec this year ?
Jimmy Heggins : Right now, we're getting guys back from injuries and they seem to be getting better. Guys are working out this summer and working hard to get stronger. With the freshmen coming in, I believe we will have enough depth.

ukathletics.com : Thanks to Coach Heggins for his time. Our final live chat of the spring will be next Tuesday with Head Coach Rich Brooks.
Jimmy Heggins : Thanks for all the questions and your support. I'm very excited about this year and the group of guys that are coming in. I'm looking for bigger and better things to happen. Go Cats!