Coach Jimmy Heggins Live Chat Archive

  • Live chat took place June 2

    Joe C. : Hi Coach, how does the depth of the O-Line look this year? Is the recruiting going well for the O-Linemen? Thanks coach, Have a great year.
    Jimmy Heggins : Right now, we think we have seven or eight guys on campus that can step in and help out. We're counting on a couple of freshmen. If we can find 10 who are ready to play we'll be in good shape. Recruiting is going well.

    Darren : When recruiting a offensive lineman or any player, what do you look for that will make this young man a Division 1A or UK prospect? Does any of those recruiting mags or sites help or hinder that young mans odds of making to UK or D1 school?
    Jimmy Heggins : The most important things you look for are height, weight, size. Speed and quickness are extremely important. The magazines/sites won't hinder it. If anything it will help make you aware of the young man.

    Erik Roberts : Coach, welcome to Kentucky. I really liked the way Terrell Bankhead played in the spring game, do you think the o-line will open some holes this year for our improved running game??
    Jimmy Heggins : I have the feeling that we will. We seem to be jelling together and hopefully by this fall we'll be better than we were in the spring.

    Alphacat93 : Hey Coach. Welcome to Big Blue country. I wanted to know what you thought of Fatu Turituri and if you see the line as being much improved over last year? Secondly, do you see anyone coming in August who may have an impact (i.e., Garry Williams or Kalavi Blanchard)?
    Jimmy Heggins : I think Fatu had an outstanding spring and he's only going to get better and better. He has the chance to be pretty good. Yeah, the line should be improved because they have a year of experience under their belt. Most of them were underclassmen last year and have used this last year to get better. We have several players coming in and hopefully at least two or three of them will be able to help us right away.

    John Cornett : Andre Woodson appears to be less mobile than Shane Boyd was, how will that impact our blocking strategy? And in your opinion, is a pocket passer easier to protect than a scrambler?
    Jimmy Heggins : For one, you just have to set a firmer pocket. A pocket passer is easier to protect because sometimes a scrambler takes off when he's not supposed to. While a pocket passer waits until the last second to get all his reads.

    moseyblukat : Coach Heggins,thank you,thank you, thank you, for joining the WILDCAT staff & family! My question, this spring I saw the o-line perform better as a unit then in the last 10yrs. Is it technique,maturity,strength,exactly what made them look so cohesive sir:
    Jimmy Heggins : The kids bought into what we are doing and they seemed to work together really well. And it all comes back to having that year experience under their belt.

    Casey : Coach, welcome to Lexington! What do you think are the biggest differences between the offensive lines that you coached at FSU and the offensive line that you have at UK?
    Jimmy Heggins : The biggest difference would probably be the depth. We have some talented kids out there, we just need to develop more of them.

    chandler : Welcome to Lexington. I m a big Fsu fan, So I know what your about. Do you tink the young line can hold it own this year. Good luck this year and keep up the great work
    Jimmy Heggins : I think they can and we're looking forward to that challenge - all the guys are.

    ihateMiami : Coach welcome to lexington and the sec. How does the o-line looking? Do you have high goals for the o-line in your first year?
    Jimmy Heggins : I think we've made a lot of improvement this spring. Yes, we do have high expectations and high goals. One of those is for the O-Line to be leaders on this team.

    James : For the past two years the QB's have been throwing short. Can the O-line support the deep ball this year.
    Jimmy Heggins : I think we're very capable of giving them the opportunity to throw the deep ball because of the type of protection we are using.

    Dustin Cordell : I have read about M. Jones getting surpassed by other offensive lineman
    Jimmy Heggins : I think Micah has improved tremendously and we're looking forward to good things from him. Micah is still in the running for a starting spot.

    Bob B : Jimmy, welcome to UK! With such a successful track record at Florida State, can you elaborate on some of the changes you have made with this year's Kentucky offensive line?
    Jimmy Heggins : Not a lot is different. We're trying a few new things but that is because of what Joker Phillips is implementing. We're trying to be fundamentally sound.

    al williams : How do you feel about the job Joker is doing and how do you think you two will combine your ideas and make them work?
    Jimmy Heggins : He's doing an outstanding job and it should be an improved offense. I'm looking forward to giving suggestions.

    Ed T : Coach, will we have a good run blocking OL this year?
    Jimmy Heggins : Hopefully we will. We've spent a lot of time and will continue to spend a lot of time trying to improve running game blocking.

    trey g : Welcome to UK coach! Casey Shumate is a friend of mine and I was wondering how you think he is progressing? Thanks and we are glad you are here!
    Jimmy Heggins : Casey made good improvement over the spring and has a chance to contribute quite a bit in the fall.

    Vince : Out of all of the tough games the cats have next season, which game do you and the team look forward to most?
    Jimmy Heggins : Louisville - it's the first one on the schedule and they're a big rival.

    hey coach : im currently in iraq but a highschoool football coach back home in Kentucky in your opion what is the most important position on the o-line and why
    Jimmy Heggins : In my opinion it is the center and the left tackle. The center has to set up everything. He is the quarterback of the offensive line sending them all in the right direction. The left tackle is protecting the blind side of the quarterback (for righthanded QB's). If you are in Iraq on military service, I want to thank you for what you are doing and may God bless!

    Ted : What are your ideal heights for lineman at specific positions?
    Jimmy Heggins : For the interior linemen (guards and centers), we like them to be between 6-2 and 6-4. For the tackles, we'd like to have them 6-5 and up with long arm reach. : We'd like to thank Coach Heggins for his time. Next week will be the final live chat of the spring when we will be joined by Head Coach Rich Brooks.
    Jimmy Heggins : Thank you to the fans for your support. I'm certainly glad to be here and am looking forward to the season.